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Nintendo Direct September 2021: How to watch and what to expect today

Nintendo just announced a surprise Nintendo Direct livestream coming today, Thursday, September 23. As with most of its Directs since the Switch’s release, Nintendo will be showcasing games coming to the Nintendo Switch in the future. Nintendo Directs always are a cause for excitement, as they tend to bring new game announcements. This one will focus on the company’s winter plans, which could include some surprise news. Here’s what to expect from the show.

When is the Nintendo Direct?

Nintendo’s new Direct will air at 3 p.m. PT today, September, 23. Nintendo reports via Twitter that the livestream will run for roughly 40 minutes. That’s about as long as its loaded E3 showcase was this year.

Where to watch the Nintendo Direct live online

Nintendo Direct - 9.23.2021

As always, Nintendo air the Direct on its Twitch and YouTube channels. It’s unknown if it will be streaming via Nintendo’s Twitter page this time around.

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What will be shown at the Nintendo Direct?

Nintendo says the Direct will be focusing mainly on Switch games launching this winter. Expect more about Metroid Dread, Shin Megami Tensei V, and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl. Nintendo didn’t specify if it was only talking its 2021 plans, so we can expect to hear more about its January and February lineup too, which includes Pokémon Legends: Arceus. It’s also very likely that the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character will finally be revealed during the event, so that’s sure to cause a stir — for better or worse.

As for new announcements, there are a few rumors floating around that could manifest here. Most notably, recent leaks indicate that a collection of Game Boy Advance Castlevania games are coming soon. There’s a good chance we could see that revealed here.

What won’t be shown at the Nintendo Direct?

As Nintendo is being a little vague here, it’s not clear what’s out of the question.

Two titles that are ill-advised to look forward to are Bayonetta 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. The former could always appear, but it’s been a no-show at Nintendo events for a few years, so why start now? As for Zelda, the game just got a major reveal at E3 2021, so it seems unlikely that it’ll get another spotlight this soon.

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