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Dreaming in color: Fan recasts the Nintendo Switch in stylish new hues

Nintendo announced its new portable-home console hybrid, the “Switch,” yesterday morning, and we’re extremely excited to get our hands on one. However, the console was only shown in a dark-gray color scheme, and given Nintendo’s history of releasing handhelds in bright, vibrant colors, we’re hoping for some variety. Fortunately, a Nintendo fan has designed mock-ups to show just what some flashy Switch consoles would look like.

Reddit user “DEAD_GIVEAWAY” (“TheGrumpyCat” on Imgur) revealed his Photoshopped designs yesterday, which changed not only the main Switch console to such new colors as orange, teal, and green, but also changed the system’s dock and the controller add-on.

The user also made themes based on particular games, including the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — the console sports a faux wood finish and a gold Triforce symbol in the bottom right of the dock, and the teal Switch console fits the color scheme perfectly. He also made a GameCube version that not only has the console’s signature bright purple, but also features buttons that appear similar to the GameCube’s controller. DEAD_GIVEAWAY made similar designs for the Super Nintendo, Famicom, and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

But why stop at customized consoles? The two “Joy-Con” controllers themselves seem like they’re the perfect choice. Before the console was even announced, Twitter user Ryan Salamanda posted a series of special controllers that could be used for specific games. Yo-kai Watch, for example, could feature a spinning disk on the right side, while a Pokémon Snap game could have a zoom function added to let you dial in the perfect shot.

The coolest variant might be for Super Smash Bros., which swaps out the more traditional button scheme for a GameCube controller, C-stick and all. If the NX can’t support GameCube controllers, this seems to be the perfect substitute.

What style of Nintendo Switch are you hoping gets produced? Let us know in the comments.

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