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The Quarry, Until Dawn studio Supermassive Games acquired by Nordisk

Supermassive Games, the developer behind The Quarry, Until Dawn, and the Dark Pictures Anthology, has announced that it has been acquired by Nordisk Games. Last year, Nordisk Games took a 30.7% stake in Supermassive and is now the owner of the U.K.-based studio.

“It’s been a little over a year since Nordisk Games made an initial investment in Supermassive Games and our vision for the future. During that time, we have found that we share a lot of important values with [Nordisk CEO] Mikkel and his team, and we believe these values to be equally important to our existing commercial partners who we will continue to support,” says Supermassive Games CEO Pete Samuels in a statement.

He continues, “Having had such a positive experience over the past year it wasn’t a difficult decision when Nordisk Games wanted to explore increasing their investment. We have an exciting and ambitious growth strategy for Supermassive Games and Nordisk Games ownership only enhances that. I’m hugely excited about where the security offered by this partnership, and continued access to the expertise within Nordisk Games, will take us next.”

Last year we announced our partnership with Nordisk Games.

Today we're delighted to share Nordisk Games' full acquisition of Supermassive Games. Exciting times ahead!

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— Supermassive Games (@SuperMGames) July 12, 2022

Nordisk Games also owns a few other game development studios too. Some of the most notable ones include Avalanche and MercuryStream. Avalanche is behind games such as Generation Zero and has worked with Bethesda on Rage 2. The studio is also currently working on Contraband with Xbox Games Studios. MercuryStream is best known for previously working on Konami’s Castlevania series with games such as Castlevania Lords of Shadow, as well as developing both Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid Dread with Nintendo.

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