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You don’t need a Facebook account to use your Oculus Quest 2 anymore

Meta has announced you will no longer be required to have a Facebook account to log into the Quest headset starting next month. However, you may have to create a new Meta account if you want to play any VR games.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the new change in a Facebook post on Thursday, saying that Meta is rolling out new accounts for Oculus Quest owners to use instead of their Facebook account. He then added: “This will give everyone more choice about how you show up in the metaverse.”

Meta shared more details in a blog post on the Quest page about its shift away from Facebook and the requirement to use a Facebook account for the Quest headset. The changes include transitioning your Oculus profile into a Meta Horizon profile for you to customize and turning your “Friends” into “Followers,” which is in line with Instagram’s existing model.

You will also be given the option to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts to your Meta account if you so wish. Connecting the two accounts in the same Accounts Center as your Meta account will unlock connected experiences in VR, such as playing VR games with your Instagram followers. However, if you previously merged your Facebook account with your Oculus account, you can remove your Facebook account while you set up your new Meta account.

Any VR games you previously purchased will still be available for you after you set up your new Meta account. No need to worry about buying Beat Saber twice and starting all over again.

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