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Overwatch 2 Junker Queen guide: abilities, strategies, counters, and more

The hero roster for Overwatch 2 is massive. Not only do you have the entire cast returning from the first game, but there will be three brand new heroes right at launch, plus even more scheduled to come in later seasons. Naturally, these new heroes will be the most appealing for anyone who has been playing the game for a long time and is looking for a new experience. Each of the three new heroes, Sojourn, Kiriko, and Junker Queen, fill one of the game’s three roles of Damage, Support, and Tank.

Junker Queen is the new Tank class hero, which has been given a lot more importance in the meta with Overwatch 2. Now that the game has slimmed down the team sizes to just five-versus-five, with only one Tank allowed per team, whoever fills that role has a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. If you’re picking Junker Queen, it would be wise to at least know a few tactics before launching into a competitive match where an entire team is depending on you. Here’s a full Junker Queen guide to get you started.

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Junker Queen overview

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen Origin Story Trailer

Junker Queen, as a Tank, is meant to be in the fight for the long haul. She’s on the more offensive end of the Tank spectrum, though she shouldn’t be the one leading the charge without backup. She comes packing a Scattergun, which is a shotgun that, as you would expect, does best up close and personal. Its primary fire is a basic blast, with six shots before a reload is needed. Her other weapon is tied to her melee. Instead of a basic punch or swinging her gun, Junker Queen has a knife she will whip out that not only hurts on impact but inflicts a wound on enemies that deals damage over time.

That damage over time is important because of her passive, Adrenaline Rush. This converts all damage dealt through wounds into restored health for Junker Queen.

Junker Queen abilities

Junker Queen using her dash attack in Overwatch 2.

Jagged Blade: When beginning an encounter where enemies are outside of shotgun or melee range, this will be your opening gambit. When used, this move throws Junker Queen’s knife, which has the same wound effects as her melee, but has an extra function as well. After the knife goes its max distance, it will return like Thor’s hammer, and any enemy it hits on the return trip will be pulled toward Junker Queen for follow-up attacks.

Commanding Shout: This is a team buff, but it really is centered around Junker Queen herself. It will boost her own HP by 200 points, plus increase any teammate’s by 50 and give everyone a 30% movement speed buff.

Carnage: This is a great gap closer. With it, Junker Queen rockets forward, swinging her ax in a wide arc that hits for 90 damage and also causes wounds on anyone hit.

Rampage: Finally, Junker Queen’s ultimate has her rocket forward, spinning her ax like a propeller blade. Not only does this do damage plus inflict wounds, but it also prevents any target you hit from getting healed for a short duration of time.

Best way to play Junker Queen

Junker Queen holding a shotgun and axe in Overwatch 2.

Based on her abilities, Junker Queen is clearly meant to be a very offensive Tank. While her primary weapons are all close-range, she has a number of ways to either draw enemies in or close the gap herself. Plus, thanks to her Adrenaline Rush passive, most attacks end up giving her healing so she can stay aggressive for longer even without a Support hero giving her their full attention. The only instances where you will want to back off are in open areas where enemies can stay at range and pick off your health.

Junker Queen’s abilities, specifically her Jagged Blade and Carnage abilities, combo very well with one another. Your Commanding Shout is a perfect backup plan to keep in your pocket for dire circumstances or when you want to turn the tides of a push and really get aggressive.

Rampage will take some good positioning and timing, but if you manage to clash with a group of enemies, it will rip right through them, plus make any follow-up eliminations easy thanks to its effect of removing their ability to be healed.

What characters counter Junker Queen

Junker Queen is a beast at close range, so most long-range heroes prove to be quite difficult to deal with. Ana, in particular, with her Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade, can shut Junker Queen down without much recourse. Widowmaker likewise has an easy time staying safe and hitting such a big target.

For Damage classes, Pharah is Junker Queen’s worst nightmare. Not only is she again an easy target for missiles, but Pharah’s ability to stay high up in the air makes her nearly untouchable. Plus, even if you manage to get close, Pharah has her Concussive blast to fall back on to escape.

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