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Blizzard teases Overwatch hero 31, but name and image may have already leaked

Blizzard teased the 31st hero of Overwatch on Twitter, but while players are speculating on the new character, his name and image may have already leaked.

In what appears to be a new Developer Update, game director Jeff Kaplan appears before being sucked into a wormhole. Classical music then plays, as the video shows several complex mathematical equations.

In this quick Developer Update, Game Director Jeff Kaplan goes into detail about the upcoming…

+ ⋜ π ⩲ ???? + ≠

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) July 20, 2019

Players immediately realized that the Twitter post was a hint about the next Overwatch hero, and it appears that gravity and physics will be involved.

In an impressive post, Redditor ztokdo breaks down the equations that appeared at the end of the faux Developer Update. Without getting into the amazing explanations, ztokdo suggests that the equations are referring to hero 31’s skills, particularly “a grenade that when it lands, [holds] position and curves bullets, projectiles and abilities around it,” “a wave anti-gravity beam that will lift a player in the air,” and “a protective ultimate which pulls in all projectiles, shots and abilities and uses that to buff team.”

In his post, ztokdo refers to the new hero as Sigma, which is widely believed to be the name of the new character due to a leak on Twitter from Mexico’s official team in the Overwatch World Cup.

El nuevo sistema de Cola de roles ha llegado a Overwatch, llegará tanto a partidas rápidas y competitivas. Se encuentra disponible ya en el RPP.


— OWWC Team México ???????? (@OWWCMexico) July 18, 2019

One of the images in the tweet revealed an unreleased hero named Sigma, as well as a portrait that gives a glimpse of what he looks like. A close-up of the image shows a man with what appear to be electronic components on his head, though it is unclear if that is a helmet or a part of his body.

Blizzard has not confirmed that hero 31 is indeed Sigma, but at this point, it will be a bigger surprise if the new character is not him.

Overwatch is in the middle of an overhaul, including an upcoming new anti-cheating measure that will instantly end matches when a cheater is detected among the players, as well as the introduction of the Role Queue system that requires teams in Quick Play and Competitive Play to be made up of two Tank heroes, two Damage heroes, and two Support heroes.

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