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Holding out for a hero? Overwatch finally unveils tank character Orisa

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After weeks of teasing, Blizzard has finally announced its 24th Overwatch hero, Orisa. As the sixth tank, she is specifically designed to act as the central anchor of her team.

According to her background, Orisa is a four-legged robot that was designed by an incredibly smart 11-year-old engineer named Efi Oladel. Her main function is to keep peace in Numbani, a task to which she is immensely dedicated. In both real life and Overwatch lore, Orisa is the newest hero. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in power.

Orisa’s main weapon is the Fusion Driver, a a rapid-fire automatic gun with high range and accuracy. To keep her balanced, her movement is slowed down while she is firing. As an alternative firing option, Orisa can use “Halt!” In this technique, a graviton charge is launched across the map, slowing nearby enemies in its trail, then pulling them toward its detonation point.

[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Orisa Origin Story | Overwatch

Defensively, Orisa can also use Fortify to reduce the damage she sustains for a short time. Protective Barrier can also be used to create a stationary defense against projectiles and can be used to protect other teammates. Her ultimate ability, Supercharger, can take advantage of this barrier. The Supercharger is planted into the ground and increases the attack power of any team member within its line-of-site range. Enemies can easily destroy the device, though, so a barrier is important in protecting it.

Where Orisa is expected to shine is as a protective anchor on the team. Each ability is designed to protect and empower nearby allies. For example, teammates can fight from behind her barrier when making a push, and her ultimate ability encourages the team to stay nearby during an assault.

Developer Update | Introducing Orisa | Overwatch

Orisa is the sixth tank to join the Overwatch lineup. Overwatch players can test Orisa right now in the Public Test Region. Now that Reinhardt isn’t the only anchor tank to choose from, players have more ways to strategize than before.

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