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Persona 25th anniversary site teases seven project announcements

Atlus’ hit RPG series Persona has been around for 25 years now. To celebrate, the developer is teasing seven announcements on Persona’s 25th-anniversary website.

Persona went from being a simple spinoff of Atlus’original flagship JRPG Shin Megami Tensei to the front runner of the company itself. The series has just come off of its most successful project yet in Persona 5 and is already looking toward the future.

Promo art for the 25th anniversary of the Persona franchise.

Atlus revealed via Twitter that it has Persona news, events, and more in store coming for the occasion. These announcements will be shared throughout the next year, with the final one unveiled in fall 2022.

It’s very likely that one of these announcements could indeed be Persona 6. Atlus reports that it’s looking into the development of the latest title of the series already. It also states that the task of topping Persona 5 is already bringing out some nerves. “When we created Persona 4, there was pressure that it had to exceed Persona 3. Now, we will have to create a 6 [that] exceeds 5.”

While it’s not clear at all what the other reveals can be, looking at current trends in gaming and the past of Persona may give off a few hints. For instance, one of these announcements could well be a concert experience or music compilation celebrating Persona’s well-received soundtracks.

Another announcement that many have been clamoring for is a new installment of the fighting game spinoff by Arc System Works, Persona 4 Arena. Developers have recently released the successful Dragon Ball FighterZ and Guilty Gear Strive. It has also explored the world of Persona once again in BlazBlue Crosstag Battle. It’s possible that a Persona 5 Arena could be on the horizon to hold fans off until a new main title releases.

The speculation is endless, especially for a company as well-versed in the world of merchandising as Atlus. Figures, music, spinoffs — it’s all very possible. However, all we can do is wait for the announcements to actually begin, with the first coming this September.

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