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Persona 3 fans take to Twitter to rally for a remake of beloved game

The Persona community is one of the most vocal and dedicated in gaming, and it took that love for the series to a new high today. Thousands of Twitter users came together on Friday, January 31, to show their love and appreciation for the series by making Persona 3 Remake trend on the social media platform.

Earlier today, thousands of Twitter accounts began posting with the hashtag #Persona3Remake, and it didn’t take long for it to start trending in the United States. Users like @P3Status are dedicated to sharing their passion and interest in a remake for the 2006 PlayStation 2 title. The date of January 31 was chosen due to its significance in the game itself.

Today is not only the day where we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the fall, but where we also take one step closer to a dream becoming reality#Persona3Remake

— Edium ???? (@Ediuhm) January 31, 2020

According to the Twitter account Persona 3 Remake Status, this was a “planned community event” dedicated to letting the fans of this groundbreaking JRPG [Japanese role-playing game] “express that they want a Persona 3 Remake.”

Though some fans used the opportunity to reach out to Atlus and SEGA to ask for a remake or port of the game, others simply used it as a chance to share their memories and love for the game. Some users, like @Female_Ren, even showed off what a potential remake of the game could look like on modern-day systems like the PS4 or the upcoming PS5.

I'd LOVE to see a remake of Persona 3 with graphics like this! Imagine how amazing it would be to add party control, the female protagonist route, and fast travel to the game and make it so refined!!!#Persona3Remake

— Female Minato Arisato #Persona3Remake! (@Female_Ren) January 31, 2020

The timing of this trend is noteworthy as we are just around two months away from the worldwide release of Persona 5 Royal, which launched in Japan last October. The title is an updated version of the original PS3 and PS4 JRPG that adds a new Phantom Thief Kasumi Yoshizawa, an additional playable third semester, and PlayStation 4 Pro support.

An expanded version is standard for the series thus far, with even Persona 3 getting two different versions later on, one for PS2 and another that made it portable on PSP. As such, it isn’t too far-fetched to believe that a remake could happen if fans continue to plead for one.

What we want to see from a remake

Originally released nearly 14 years ago, there are a lot of changes and additions that a Persona 3 Remake could bring while keeping crucial features like a playable female protagonist. Here’s what we would like to see.

Modern graphics

By far, the most obvious point of a remake would be to reimagine the tale of demon-slaying high school students in a more modern way. A remake could benefit from allowing players to control the movements and camera in full 3D. Tey would also be able to explore the city of Iwatodai in its best form yet. It wouldn’t hurt to have some of the brilliant UI from Persona 5 as well.

Additional story and characters

Persona 3 has one of the best stories in the series, one that doesn’t pull any punches in its twists and turns. However, there are some characters who leave too soon, and a remake would give players more time with them. It also wouldn’t hurt to have more side characters appear as social link options. Characters from later games could also show up as optional endgame bosses.

New areas to visit and jobs to do

Persona 5 gives players a plethora of activities to do when you’re not at school or stealing hearts. A remake of the third game could pave the way for more jobs, social links, mini games, and content.

More dungeons to explore

While later games would have numerous dungeons to explore, Persona 3 takes place mainly within the confines of a single location: Tartarus. The location can get a little repetitive over time, so more unique areas to fight in would shake up the formula considerably.

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