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Play Titanfall for free on PC this weekend

play titanfall free pc weekend swampland

You can play Respawn Entertainment’s robot-riding shooter Titanfall for free via Origin this weekend, compliments of EA. It’s the first game featured in the publisher and Origin gatekeeper’s new Game Time promotion, which provides rotating, free access to popular titles in the EA stable. The announcement notably comes right as Valve launches its notorious Summer Sale for Origin’s primary competition, Steam.

Once installed via Origin’s Free Games page and launched, the Game Time clock starts ticking down in real time, giving you 48 hours to get in on the wall-running, Titan-blasting fun. That clock continues whether you are playing or not, so be careful to only start when you’ve got a chunk of time to commit. The game is otherwise completely unrestricted while the clock is ticking, and your progress is saved even after the time runs out. You can pick up exactly where you left off, should you choose to buy the game.

If you already own Titanfallthis is either a great time or a terrible time to suit up and get back in the action, depending on how you feel about a flood of new pilots swarming the servers.

Titanfall is just the beginning of Game Time, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements of other games with different time limits coming in the future.

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