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A new comfort-focused PlayStation Gold headset arrives this month

PS4 headset
Sony will release a redesigned version of its PlayStation Gold headset later in February, the company announced on the PlayStation Blog. This marks the first time Sony’s first-party PlayStation 4 headset has been reworked since its original launch in 2014.

The new model looks to increase comfort more than performance. The over-ear headphones have a sleeker look and seem as if they will sit more comfortably for long gaming sessions. If so, that will correct a problem that often plagues gaming headsets, including the original Gold headset.

Along with updated cushion design, the band appears to be slightly slimmer and features more space between the cushions and the top of the band. Unlike the original, however, the headset doesn’t seem to fold for easy storage.

These changes all seem to be made with the PSVR in mind. The current Gold headset isn’t exactly ideal for PSVR use. If you have tried it before, you will know that placing a Gold headset on top of the PSVR is a tight fit, especially for those of us with large heads. The additional headband space and more form-fitting cushions in the redesign will hopefully curb that issue. After all, it would be great to get the excellent sound quality of the Gold headset over the PSVR’s packaged-in earbuds without the discomfort.

Like we mentioned, the redesign favors comfort so if you find your Gold headset to fit just right, this update probably isn’t for you. It still features 7.1 virtual surround sound. The included dongle allows for wireless audio on your PS4. You can also use the included 3.5mm cord for wired audio through your Dualshock controller. For chat, the noise-canceling microphones remain hidden and, in our experience with the original, provide a good chat experience. The redesign retains its easy access volume controls and rechargeable battery (via micro USB).

The redesigned PlayStation Gold headset retails for $100. For PS4 owners, the Gold headset is a great budget choice. It’s an even better choice if you have a need for a solid pair of headphones for other devices. The Gold headset can be used wirelessly for audio on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. You can also connect the 3.5mm cord to an Xbox One chat adapter to get both audio and chat capabilities.

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