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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gym rematch guide: teams, weaknesses, and more

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet offer trainers three unique quests to pursue through the new Paldea region. This not only adds variety, but plenty more content to do after you accomplish any single task. One of these main quests is the familiar journey to beat all eight gym leaders, claim their badges, defeat the Elite Four, and become the region’s Pokémon League Champion. This has been the main goal of essentially all mainline Pokémon games and is just as fun to complete this generation as ever before.

Once you’ve done all that, however, you might be at a loss for challenging opponents to battle in Paldea. You won’t have to restart your entire adventure to get another crack at facing off against your favorite gym leaders, though. So long as you’ve gotten all the badges, beaten the Elite Four, and become the Champion, you’ll be given the option to challenge all the gym leaders to a rematch. However, this isn’t a simple repeat of your first fight with them. Every gym leader is far stronger the second time around, so here’s how you can best prepare for your rematch in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

To rematch any gym leader, simply return to their gym and speak to them to start the battle.

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Cortondo Gym (Bug-type)

The bug gym leader aplogizing.

Katy’s back and has managed to make Bug-types a real threat. She’s the lowest-level gym leader you can rematch, just like she was the lowest-level gym leader the first time around. Here’s her new and improved roster of Pokémon:

  • Lokix — Level 65 (Bug/Dark-type)
  • Forretress — Level 65 (Bug/Steel-type)
  • Heracross — Level 65 (Bug/Fighting-type)
  • Spidops — Level 65 (Bug-type)
  • Urasring — Level 66 (Normal-type with Bug Terra Type)

The majority of Katy’s team can be wiped out with a high-level Fire, Flying, or Rock-type. Her Urasring is the only one to watch out for, but at this point in the game, you should have plenty of strong Pokémon with these types to easily counter her team.

Artazon Gym (Grass-type)

A tired looking gym leader.

Brassius and his Grass team are back, better, but not all that big a step up in challenge from Katy. Here’s what his new team looks like:

  • Lilligant — Level 65 (Grass-type)
  • Tsareena — Level 65 (Grass-type)
  • Breloom — Level 65 (Grass/Fighting-type)
  • Arboliva — Level 65 (Grass/Normal-type)
  • Sudowoodo — Level 66 (Rock-type with Grass Terra Type)

All Grass-types are weak to a number of other types, including Bug, Fire, Flying, Poison, and Ice. While most of those can do, you should stay away from using an Ice-type at least when facing the Breloom, which counters Ice. Otherwise, Fire is a nice easy type to rip through most of his team.

Levincia Gym (Electric-type)

It's time to enter the Iono Zone!

Iono’s team is another easy one to plan for since, with two exceptions, they are all single-type Pokémon. Here’s her shocking team of Pokémon:

  • Kilowattrel — Level 65 (Electric/Flying-type)
  • Luxray — Level 65 (Electric-type)
  • Bellibolt — Level 65 (Electric-type)
  • Electrode — Level 65 (Electric-type)
  • Mismagius — Level 66 (Ghost-type with Electric Terra Type)

All of Iono’s Pokémon, with the exception of Kilowattrel, will be completely stomped by a strong Ground-type. Because it is dual Flying-type, have an Ice or Rock-type ready to bring down Kilowattrel and you should easily secure the win.

Cascarrafa Gym (Water-type)

Kufu getting ready to fight.

Kofu hasn’t learned his lesson and, much like Iono, is susceptible to one strong type almost completely countering his entire team. Here’s his full roster:

  • Veluza — Level 65 (Water/Psyhcic-type)
  • Pelipper — Level 65 (Water/Flying-type)
  • Clawitzer — Level 65 (Water-type)
  • Wugtrigo — Level 65 (Water-type)
  • Crabominable — Level 66 (Fighting/Ice-type with Water Terra Type)

This entire squad of Water-types can’t do anything against a good Electric-type. Grass is another possibility, though any of his dual-type Pokémon will pose a bit of a problem there. You can also have a Flying-type if the Crabominable is giving your trouble.

Medali Gym (Normal-type)

Larry holding a pokeball.

This will technically be your third battle against good old Larry since he also turned out to be a member of the Elite Four. Wouldn’t you know it, but he’s even stronger this time. Check out his team:

  • Oinkolonge — Level 65 (Normal-type)
  • Braviary — Level 65 (Normal/Flying-type)
  • Dundunsparce — Level 65 (Normal-type)
  • Komala — Level 65 (Normal-type)
  • Staraptor — Level 66 (Normal/Flying with Normal Terra Type)

If you remember the one trick to Larry from before, it still applies here. Fighting-types will counter all his Normal-types, but will be countered by all his Pokémon with Flying moves. Since Normal-types have no other weaknessess, just bring out a something strong against Flying, like Electric or Rock, that can hit hard.

Montenevera Gym (Ghost-type)

A pathetic rap battle.

Ryme’s Ghost-type squad isn’t too much to be afraid of. Here’s how her team shakes out:

  • Mimikyu — Level 65 (Ghost/Fairy-type)
  • Banette — Level 65 (Ghost-type)
  • Houndstone — Level 65 (Ghost-type)
  • Spiritomb — Level 65 (Ghost/Dark-type)
  • Toxitricity — Level 66 (Electric with Ghost Terra Type)

Ghost and Dark/types are the two best types to bring here, but be aware that Mimikyu’s Fairy moves can counter your Dark Pokémon. Having a Fairy of your own is also a good call to beat Spiritomb.

Alfornada Gym (Psychic-type)

Gym Leader Tulip.

Psychic Pokémon are historically tough, but you should be well prepared to take down Tulip’s team at this stage in the game:

  • Farigiarf — Level 65 (Normal/Psychic-type)
  • Gallade — Level 65 (Psychic/Fighting-type)
  • Gardevoir — Level 65 Psychic/Fairy-type)
  • Espathra — Level 65 (Psychic-type)
  • Flogres — Level 66 (Fairy-type with Psychic Terra Type)

Psychics are weak to Bug, Dark and Ghost-types, though you need to beware her Gallade’s Fighting moves that counter Dark-types. While in Fairy form, Flogres will be weak to Poison and Steel.

Glaseado Gym (Ice-type)

Grisha introducing herself.

Finally, we are back to Grusha’s team of Ice.

  • Frosmoth — Level 65 (Ice/Bug-type)
  • Beartic — Level 65 (Ice-type)
  • Cetitan — Level 65 (Ice-type)
  • Weavile — Level 65 (Dark/Ice-type)
  • Altaria — Level 66 (Dragon/Flying-type with Ice Terra Type)

Ice, as you should know well enough, is weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel-types. Naturally, Fire is a great pick here, especially against Frosmoth and Weavile. Bring your best and you’ll crack this Ice-type team.

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