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Pokémon Sleep is here and it features some surprising microtransactions

Pokémon Sleep is now available in the United States for both iOS and Android devices. While the sleep tracking app is free to download, it has some surprising monetization built into it thanks to a paid monthly plan and microtransactions.

First revealed in 2019, Pokémon Sleep is a cross between a sleep-tracking app and an idle game. When users leave their phone on their bed at night, it’ll record their sleep quality and habits by sensing vibrations and using their phone’s microphone. When they wake up, they’ll help a professor “research” Pokémon that have gathered around a sleeping Snorlax overnight. It’s a cute way to gamify a sleep-tracking app, adding a “catch ’em all” element to the mix.

For those who want more out of it, though, there are a few ways to do so by spending real money. The first is the app’s Premium Pass, which unlocks various features in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. Premium will unlock unlimited sleep records, a diary for tracking sleep notes, extra, rewards, and monthly currency benefits. Users can buy a one-month Premium Pass for $10 or buy a six-month plan for $50.Paid diamond bundles appear in Pokemon Sleep's shop.

On top of that, Pokémon Sleep features some pretty typical mobile game microtransactions. The game features both a regular and premium shop where players can buy biscuits, stones, item bundles, and other items. Those cost sleep points, which are accrued by — you guessed it — sleeping. However, there’s also a general shop, which sells item bundles in exchange for diamonds. While those seem like they can be earned in-game, they can also be bought outright.

Diamond bundles begin at $1.19, which will pay out 60. That goes up to a 7,000 diamond bundle that costs a whopping $98. It’s a surprisingly aggressive microtransaction system for a sleep-tracking app.

Pokémon Sleep is available now on iOS and Android.

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