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How to play Speedsters in Pokémon Unite: Gengar, Talonflame, and more

Speedsters are among the most fun Battle Types to play in Pokémon Unite. Able to quickly close the gap between enemy Pokémon, Speedsters swoop in for last hits and can be found at the top of the leaderboard in most matches.

As powerful as they are, however, they’re not easy to master. With lackluster HP bars and little in the way of defense, every time you jump in to attack you’re opening yourself up to an early knockout. With that in mind, here are a few tips and tricks to help you play Speedsters in Pokémon Unite.

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Role of Speedsters

Pokemon Unite's key art.

When used properly, Speedsters are the star of the show. Capable of unleashing devastating offensive attacks and ambushing lanes, Speedsters can quickly rack up massive points for their team. They’re also a good choice for the “lone wolf” type player, as they often spend time jungling and attacking Wild Pokémon before jumping into fights.

Speedsters should put up big points for the team while also sneaking into combat and pulling off last hits — stealing Wild Pokémon knockouts from opponents is their specialty. Often found lurking in Tall Grass, Speedsters should always be on the prowl for solo opponents, scoring opportunities, and Wild Pokémon that confer buffs and XP boosts.

In other words, MOBA veterans will recognize Speedsters as Pokémon Unite‘s version of Junglers. Grind NPCs for XP, lurk through Tall Grass, and strike your prey when the time is right — before quickly heading back to safety.

Basic Speedsters tips

If you’ve never played a MOBA before, coming to grips with the Speedster class will be challenging. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you on the right track:

  • Target Wild Pokémon first. All characters in the Speedster class are incredibly deadly at high levels, but their early game playstyle leaves them vulnerable to opponents. Head into the middle lane, knock out some Wild Pokémon, and only venture into real combat when you’ve got a few skills under your belt.
  • Play fast. It should come as no surprise, but Speedsters in Pokémon Unite are meant to be played aggressively. Rush in for final hits, swing over to attack unaware targets, and lurk in the Tall Grass as you stalk your prey.
  • Score points for your team. With your speed and deadly attacks, all eyes will be on you for lighting up the scoreboard. Pick up as much Aeos Energy as you can, then rely on your teammates for a distraction while you dump them into the Goal Zone.
  • Don’t be afraid to solo. While you’ll still need to be in constant communication with your team, Speedsters give you the freedom to venture on your own. Just keep an eye out for any allies who need an extra hand — or if a Goal Zone is open and free for the taking.
  • Check in with your team. Speedsters are great at going it solo, but you’ll need to check in with your team and let them know what you’re up to. The last thing you want is to mess up the rest of the group’s plan, so make sure they’re apprised of your position at all times.

Tips for specific Speedsters

Generic Battle Type tips will only get you so far — to excel as a Speedster, you’ll need to know how each character in the group functions. These tips and tips for each Speedster in Pokémon Unite will have you at the top of the leaderboard in no time.


Zeraora combat in Pokemon Unite

At launch, Zeraora is without a doubt one of the best available characters. Impressive Offensive, Mobility, and Scoring stats put Zeraora in a class all its own. You’ll want to have an expert command on the basics of Pokémon Unite, but if you know what you’re doing you can absolutely dominate each match with this Speedster.

To best take advantage of Zeraora, head into battle with Held Items that improve your Attack or Movement Speed. Once the match starts, pick Slash as your first skill — this gives you impressive DPS and allows you to quickly farm Wild Pokémon and take out solo opponents who get in your way.

Reach Level 6, and you’ll have the choice between Spark and Volt Switch. Both allow you to quickly close gaps, but Volt Switch gives you a bit more mobility. This skill sees you dashing toward your opponent, inflicting damage, and increasing your Attack Speed. Best of all, you can use it a second time to retreat to your original position.


Talonflame scoring points in Pokémon Unite.

Talonflame is one of the easier Speedsters to play, thanks in large part to its maxed-out Mobility stat. Your first order of business will be evolving into Fletchinder at Level 5 and unlocking the Flame Charge skill. Flame Charge provides a boost to your movement speed while also dealing damage to anyone you hit while the ability is active. It’s a powerful move for surprising groups of enemies and sending them scattering — although you’ll want to quickly retreat, as Talonflame has a rather short HP bar.

Beyond Flame Charge, Fly is another skill you’ll want to pick up when you reach Level 7. Launching you up into the air, Fly makes you temporarily untargetable before you crash back down to earth and deal massive damage. Use it to escape sticky situations or surprise groups of foes.

You can also pick up Brave Bird at Level 7, but due to the recoil damage it’ll inflict, you’ll want to be cautious with how often it’s used.

As far as Held Items are concerned, they remain largely unchanged from Zeraora — Float Stone, Muscle Band, and any other Attack-boosting gear will likely be a good fit.


Absol combat in Pokémon Unite.

With a great mixture of Offense and Mobility, Absol is a great choice for quickly dispatching unsuspecting foes. Night Slash will become the centerpiece of your arsenal at Level 5, allowing you to dash toward enemies doling out massive damage. If your first Night Slash makes contact, you’ll be able to use it a second time, dealing more damage and increasing your critical hit rate inversely proportional to your enemy’s health — the lower their health, the more your stat increases.

Absol might be an offensive powerhouse with Night Slash, Sucker Punch, and Psycho Cut, but you’ll need to be careful when using these abilities. Each one requires you to move into close-range combat, opening you up for an early knockout if you aren’t able to quickly retreat. With a barely existent HP bar, Absol is best used for pulling off last hits on weakened opponents, then immediately going back into hiding.

Your Unite Move is particularly deadly as Absol, as Midnight Slash sends out multiple slashes in front of you, before ending with a final powerful blow that deals increased damage and pushes enemies away. Keep this available for large groups you’re hoping to surprise, and it’s possible to clear an entire lane for your team.


Gengar combat in Pokémon Unite.

Speedsters all need to be leveled up before being of any use to their team, but it’s especially true for Gengar. They also play a bit different from most others in the group, as they have several ranged attacks and multiple ways to debuff opposing players. Starting out, you can’t go wrong with either Will-O-Wisp or Lick — although Will-O-Wisp does give you a nice DPS boost to start out the round.

As you level, you’ll need to figure out if you’re going to play as a mix of Speedster and Supporter or Speedster and Attacker. If you want to play like a Supporter, Shadow Ball and Dream Eater are solid choices, as they decrease movement speed and put enemies to sleep, respectively.

If you opt to play a bit more aggressively, Hex will become your primary skill. This sees you disappearing and reappearing at your target location, dealing AoE damage to anyone nearby. Hex deals increased damage to poisoned Pokémon, so combine this will Sludge Bomb for maximum effect.

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