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PS4 and Xbox One controller mod will supercharge your rumble

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers offer a fair amount of rumble in games, providing you with that much-needed feedback for whenever you’re hit by a bullet or start skidding off the racetrack, but what if you could get more? That’s what ex-NASA engineer Jake Middleton hopes to do with the MEGA-one, a controller kit that will bring you closer to the game.

Currently seeking crowdfunding support on Kickstarter, the MEGA-one controller mod promises a motor that is 500 times stronger than those included with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 standard controllers, and it’s capable of delivering vibration at about 10 times the strength of those controllers.

Middleton promises that you’ll be able to install the modification kit yourself without any tools in just five minutes and the intensity of the motors can be adjusted. The “exoskeleton” surrounding your controller will be made of “aircraft-grade” aluminum, so you know it means business, and a jet-fighter-style ignition switch will turn the whole thing on. We’re pretty sure the controller won’t explode, but if you ever want to remove it, you can apparently do so in about 10 seconds.

The campaign is seeking just under $7,500 to produce the mod kits, and they are slightly discounted for those who back the project. For roughly $98, you will receive the kit itself, while $150 will also get you a controller pre-installed. Both are expected by February 2019, and the Kickstarter campaign will be live until August 26.

We’re a fan of the rumble motors built into the triggers on the Xbox One for games like Forza Motorsport 7, but Nintendo’s Joy-Con just might be our favorite when it comes to haptic feedback. The firm’s “HD Rumble” is more than a marketing term, offering a nice hefty response after defeating an enemy in Octopath Traveler or solving platforming puzzles in Super Mario Odyssey. If the MEGA-one can offer a similar experience on other consoles, it could make the playing experience much more enjoyable.

Kickstarter projects carry some risk, as you aren’t guaranteed to get the exact product you originally backed. For more information, check out our guide on how to back the best projects and avoid getting burned.

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