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The best PS5 controller is finally getting an Xbox variant

Victrix announced that an Xbox-compatible version of its Pro BFG controller will hit store shelves in 2024, giving owners of Microsoft’s consoles the opportunity to use a version of one of the best third-party PlayStation 5 controllers.

A front-and-back image of Victrix's Xbox Pro BFG controller.

The Victrix Pro BFG stands out from other third-party controllers due to its modular setup. Players can move around the sticks to be offset or level with each other, and it even features a Fight Pad module that makes playing fighting games like Street Fighter 6 a bit more comfortable. Victrix also plans to release new Hall Effect Stick Modules for both the PS5 and Xbox versions of the controller starting in February.

It comes highly recommended by Digital Trends. “The Victrix Pro BFG is the best PS5 controller you can buy right now aside from Sony’s own DualSense,” Giovanni Colantonio wrote in his review of the controller in December 2022. “Its price might seem high at first glance, especially considering that you’re losing key features like haptic feedback, but you’re essentially buying three controllers in one — including a full fightpad. You simply won’t get what’s offered here from any other controller, and I hope manufacturers are taking notes.”

The Xbox version of this controller is very similar to the one available for PlayStation. It does swap out the PlayStation logo for an Xbox one, though, as it’s a product officially licensed by Microsoft. Victrix also plans to release an app on Xbox for the controller, from which players can update its firmware, configure buttons, and recalibrate its analog sticks.

It’s definitely on the pricier side of third-party controllers at $180, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for in February 2024 if you’re in the market for a highly modular third-party controller for your Xbox.

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