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The best third-party video game controller is about to get even better

A Victrix Pro BFG and all its parts sit splayed out on a table.
Giovanni Colantonio / Digital Trends

The Victrix Pro BFG is getting an upgrade in the form of new modules that feature Hall Effect joysticks. Those who own the modular controller will be able to purchase the new pieces in early 2024 either as a a two-pack or individually.

Released last year, the Pro BFG is a unique third-party controller that allows players to swap out several components on the fly. That includes taking out its joystick modules and slotting in a fight pad, or switching the orientation of the sticks to match PlayStation and Xbox layouts. Victrix will not double down on that design by releasing a standalone module that replaces its joysticks with those using Hall Effect technology.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, Hall Effect joysticks have become a popular alternative to analog in recent years. The technology uses magnets to detect stick movement, which means that components inside a controller don’t actually touch. As a result, Hall Effect joysticks tend to be more resistant to general wear and tear, avoiding dreaded drift issues. The Pro BFG will offer those sticks in new modules that can be slotted into the current model, no upgrade needed.

Victrix plans to launch the modules in 2024. Pro BFG owners will be able to buy a set of two for $40. Individual left and right joystick modules will be available as well, with pricing yet to be determined. They’re scheduled to launch in early 2024.

It’s a small upgrade that shows the potential power of modular gaming tech (something we saw this week in Sony’s new PS5 models). Rather than replacing a full controller when a joystick drifts, Pro BFG owners will be able to fix theirs up and upgrade for much cheaper. It’s a strong selling point for the controller, which Digital Trends called “the best PS5 controller you can buy right now” in a 2022 review.

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