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PlayStation 5 owners will help improve the console through Sony’s beta program

Sony announced on its site that it is inviting PlayStation 5 owners to the PlayStation 5 System Software Beta Program, which will allow users to test out new software in development for the PlayStation 5. Users can register on the PlayStation site to see if they are eligible to be part of this program.

In order to take part in the PlayStation 5 System Software Beta Program, users will have to make sure that they qualify. PlayStation owners must be 18 years old or older and must live in the United States, Japan, Germany, Canada, France, or the U.K. They must own a PlayStation 5 and have a stable internet connection and a valid PlayStation Network account.

Playstation 5 users can now sign up for the beta testing program for new software.

Once accepted into the program, users will be asked to submit feedback to Sony about their experience. All communications from Sony will be sent to beta testers in Japanese or English. Users will have to send their feedback to Sony in those languages as well.

After getting accepted into the program, users will be entered into the pool of candidates for beta testing. When the program begins, a software update will be emailed by Sony with instructions on how to download the beta program. Users will then have to download this software to their PS5.

Sony has stated that these beta trials will be for software still in development, so beta testers should be prepared to run into a number of bugs and bumps along the way. Once the beta testing is completed, users can restore their console to the official PlayStation 5 retail version.

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