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Sony’s PS5 DualSense controller finally gets some new colors

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is finally getting a makeover. Both red and black variants are coming next month, according to Sony.

There’s only been one style of DualSense available since the PS5 launched back in November: The standard white and black version that’s packaged with the console. It seemed like Sony might stick to that considering its commitment to the PS5’s aesthetic, but new color schemes are finally on the way.

DualSense Cosmic Red & Midnight Black Reveal Trailer | PS5

The most striking variant is the Crimson Red DualSense, which features a dark red shade in place of the usual white design. For those who want it darker, a Midnight Black version turns the entire controller black. Both color schemes are inspired by the night sky, with the red version based on the cosmos.

Both controllers will include the same features as the regular DualSense controller, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The update is purely cosmetic.

Sony says that the controllers will go on sale sometime in June, but that exact date will vary from retailer to retailer. While an exact price was not specified in Sony’s announcement post, a PS Direct listing has gone up confirming details. The black controller retails for $70, while the red one will go for $75. Both will launch on June 11 through that service.

The announcement is good news for players that have been eager for new options since the console launched. For comparison, Microsoft has released several color revisions of its Xbox Series X controller since the console launched.

It’s a touch of good timing as Sony’s DualSense is finally compatible with Apple devices after the most recent iOS update. Players can now use the DualSense via the Remote Play app on Apple devices thanks to the change.

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