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Psychonauts 2: All Half a mind locations

Raz has a much darker — and more dangerous — quest ahead of him in Psychonauts 2 that will push his physical and mental abilities to the limit. You’ll get plenty of new gadgets and psychic powers to help you explore, platform, and fight your way through multiple character’s brains, but no matter how skilled at combat and traversal you are, Raz is bound to take some damage. Whether it be an enemy hitting you, or a misplaced jump, Raz’s health bar is finite, but can be upgraded to give you more chances. The only way to do so is by collecting the rare Half-A-Minds.

Half-A-Minds are your heart piece equivalent in Psychonauts 2, only instead of needing to collect 4 to upgrade your health, you only need 2. Because of how strong they are, there are precious few to be found in the game. Most will be tucked away or gated off in areas where you need specific abilities or upgrades to reach. If you’re in need of some extra HP to help smooth over your quest to save the Psychonauts in Psychonauts 2, we’ll help you track down all the Half-A-Minds there are.

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Hollis’ Hot Streak Half-A-Mind

Raz runs on a colorful stage in Psychonauts 2.

The one Half-A-Mind in Hollis’ Hot Streak level is in the pharmacy section. Once you enter, take a sharp left into the pharmacy’s back room. You will need to jump across a gap to a floating platform with a green clover figment on it, which also has the HP upgrade.

Compton’s Cookoff Half-A-Minds

There are two Half-A-Minds in this level, and the first is tied to the first plating challenge you’re able to take. If you manage to beat the challenge within the time limit, you will be rewarded with the collectible.

You don’t need to be a Psychonaut to predict how you get the second upgrade here. Just beat the second plating challenge in the given time and the Half-A-Mind is yours. Alternatively, you can return to this level later when all the rewards are placed on their podiums and can be collected.

PSI King’s Sensorium Half-A-Minds

The PSI King’s Sensorium is a big level, and has by far the most Half-A-Minds in it to find at a total of four. First up, make your way backstage and get underneath the stage by heading to the right. You will go past some baggage in need of a tag and a poster. Set the poster on fire to keep moving forward down this route until it takes you right to this happy little brain.

Next up, we need to go to the Eye Shrine area. Once you cross the rainbow bridge, look for the platform overgrown with vines with a series of fans cutting you off from it. You will need the Time Bubble badge here to slow down the blades to allow you to platform your way over to the platform and grab this brain.

The third Half-A-Mind is in the woods. Head over to the tent where the pair of musicians are camped out. If you haven’t been there already, a cutscene will automatically start once you approach. After the cutscene, backtrack to this area when you can and run around behind their tent to grab the upgrade.

The last brain to find is in the Nose Mouth Shrine, once again utilizing a rainbow bridge you need to create using the spotlight. Once that’s done, drop down to the prism below and cross over the new bridge to reach the collectible.

Cassie’s Collection Half-A-Mind

Raz staring into the camera in Psychonauts 2.

There’s just one lonely Half-A-Mind in Cassie’s Collection, and it’s tucked itself away in the children’s corner, but make sure you have the Projection Archetype first. In this area, head to the first book you are able to interact with and look for the door. Use your projection to get through and snag this bit of brain power.

Bob’s Bottles Half-A-Mind

Another solo brain piece, but another with a special requirement. This time you will need the Mental Connection badge upgraded all the way so you can access dark thoughts. With that upgrade unlocked, work your way to the Viking reception area in Bob’s Bottles and get to the giant Viking ship. Use your Mental Connection to grapple onto the dark thoughts to reach the oars of the ship, hop across them, and climb up the rope ladder to the deck of the ship where this lonely brain is chilling.

Fatherland Follies Half-A-Minds

The final two Half-A-Minds are in the Fatherland Follies level. Our first target is in the Fall of Grulovia, where you need to find a little cave just to the right of the waterwheel. You will spot a bright blue fragment here, and beyond that the upgrade.

Last, in Death to the Psychonauts Interactive area, on the desert set, all you need to do is jump up and over the backdrop to grab your final brain and max out your HP.

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