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Psychonauts 2: Nuggets of wisdom locations

Psychonauts 2 is one of the few collect-a-thon-style games to come out in recent memory. There are hundreds of figments to pick up, challenge cards, keys, vaults, and tons more to collect across the various mental worlds you dive into. All of them are unique to the world and themes of Psychonauts 2 and fairly clever as well. Along with the Half-A-Minds, which you can pick up to raise Raz’s max HP, the Nugget of Wisdom item is another collectible that can give you a permanent boost to your abilities.

Nuggets of Wisdom are basically an instant rank increase. Each one you get will boost you one rank, earning you Intern Credits that you need for upgrading all the psychic powers you will be using throughout the adventure. Ranking up can be time-consuming normally, but there are 29 Nuggets of Wisdom across all the levels in Psychonauts 2 to help give your brain a mental boost. Here’s where you can find them all, level by level.

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Loboto’s Labyrinth Nugget of Wisdom

Raz standing on a psychic ball looking at the moon.

Kicking off our journey, we have two Nuggets of Wisdom to grab in Loboto’s Labyrinth. The first, unfortunately, can’t be reached on your first run through the level. Once you can return via the Collective Unconscious with the pyrokinesis ability, head into the main office and burn the large portrait of Loboto to reveal the hidden bit of wisdom.

The second, again requiring you to come back later, requires the use of Telekinesis. Use the fast-travel system to go directly to the Trashcan location, and use your psychic powers to unzip a zipper at the top of the ramp-shaped gums.

Hollis’ Classroom Nugget of Wisdom

On to a more pleasant environment. We have three Nuggets of Wisdom to absorb in Hollis’ Classroom. Our first is at the beginning of the level. Follow the thought bubbles up and around the walls to where it ends with the word “disgust,” and you will spot the nugget just one platform ahead.

Outside in the parking lot, the next nugget is hidden in some bushes along the outer wall. There’s a giant green palm tree-shaped figment right over it.

Last up, we head to the chapel. You would be hard-pressed to miss this one resting on the front-left pew.

Hollis’ Hot Streak Nugget of Wisdom

You can get four easy ranks in this level.

Outside, climb up onto the roof of the hospital/casino, and jump up the A/C unit to get on top of the neon lights. The nugget is floating slightly to the left.

Now, head inside and get to the records area. Once inside, make the first available left turn that leads you to a desk with a computer and a picture hanging on the wall behind it. Just like the first piece of art, burn this one down to get a little bit wiser.

The third nugget will be one you need to come back later for since it requires you to have the Mental Connection badge and rank it up to the max level so you can access dark thoughts. When you have that, go behind the giant gambling machine in the Pharmacy area, where there’s a secret area. Use the dark thought to zip yourself up and then across to the floating platforms above the main path to collect this elusive bit of knowledge.

And our last Nugget of Wisdom again requires a very late-game ability, this time Projection. With that ability mastered, go back to the cardiology room, and use your thin projection to slip through the mail flap and pop open the door so you can snag the item.

Ford’s Follicles Nugget of Wisdom

There’s only one nugget to get here, so let’s get to it.

As you follow the normal path from the start of this level, you will come across a red switch on the right side of the broken path. Nail it with a PSI shot to create an updraft, and you can levitate up and over the gap, right to the ledge with the Nugget of Wisdom.

Compton’s Cookoff Nugget of Wisdom

Raz standing in the Motherlobe in Psychonauts 2.

Compton has a thing or two, specifically two, to teach us in this level.

The first Nugget of Wisdom is accessible when doing the first round of the cookoff event. It is at the top of a red slide, slightly to the left of the stove.

The last one, again, requires the late-game ability to grapple with dark thoughts. Just above the blender station, you can grapple up to the top of the large billboard and grab this next bit of wisdom.

Strike City Nugget of Wisdom

Just one we need to collect in this unpleasant city, thankfully. Starting off in the Foul Line overlook area, when you’re at the top of the building overlooking the area under construction, look to the left, toward a big water tower. Run around the back to find a ladder you can jump up to and climb. The nugget will be waiting at the very tip of the water tower’s peak.

PSI King’s Sensorium Nugget of Wisdom

The PSI King’s Sensorium is hiding three Nuggets of Wisdom within its colorful and obtuse landscape.

The first nugget will take us to the Vision part of the level, where you will need to traverse a series of swinging poles to progress. Look back from here to see some fans that you need in order to use your Time Bubble ability, which will slow things down so you can hop across to an isolated tower with some black and green boxes. The nugget is waiting for you at the top of the stack.

Next, you need to get to the area where you’re attempting to make it to Dr. Touch’s instruments. Once here, you can actually spot the nugget on the other side of the water, but of course, Raz cannot swim. In order to cross, you need to shine the spotlight downward to create a rainbow bridge leading to the island with the nugget on it.

Finally, in the bright yellow area, where you have to track down Sniffles and Tasty, proceed forward until you cross over the first rainbow bridge. Here, you will see two tongues and the nugget off in the distance. If you use your Time Bubble ability to slow the tongues down, you can bounce across them and reach it.

Cruller’s Correspondence Nugget of Wisdom

Our only Nugget of Wisdom in Cruller’s Correspondence is right at the end of the area. Make your way onto the desk with the typewriter, and then up again to get on top of the green lamp to snag this collectible.

Cassie’s Collection Nugget of Wisdom

Cassie has a collection of four Nuggets of Wisdom in her level!

The first is right near the level’s opening, in the first room with Librarian Cassie. The nugget is in a little indent in the wall that you can reach by jumping on some of the open drawers sticking out of the wall.

After going further into the level to the point where you learn the Projection ability, you will enter a room with a book with a windmill on the cover that shoots wind upward that you can ride. Grapple up some mental connections over to an identical indent in the wall to the first room for the second nugget.

As part of the main progression of this level, you will have the objective of finding three pieces of evidence to use against Fannie Flats. Once you’ve found the second, exhibit B, you will be right next to a rail you’re supposed to take. Instead of doing this, tilt the camera down, and you can spot the nugget on a platform below you. Drop down and claim it.

The last nugget is very easy, and you will probably get it naturally. Right after finding exhibit C, the nugget will be right ahead of you. Unless you try to avoid it, you pretty much can’t miss it.

Bob’s Bottles Nugget of Wisdom

Raz runs on a colorful stage in Psychonauts 2.

Bob’s Bottles has two more of our Nuggets of Wisdom to pick up.

While progressing through this level, you will eventually enter the red bottle, where you meet Bob. He will make a path for you that you need to follow, crossing two sections that you need to do some light platforming over, then meeting back up with Bob, who will now be floating upside down and hanging from a vine. Going forward, you will hit some emotional baggage, which is your cue to take a left and leap between some poles to reach the nugget.

Once you go into the blue bottle, which is the last one of the level, take an immediate right upon entering. There will be a straw you can use as a grind rail that will take you right by the Nugget of Wisdom. Hop off at the right time to snag it.

Lucrecia’s Lament Nugget of Wisdom

We will need to grab three nuggets in this stage.

The first one is in the flea circus. You need to reach the top of the stage using the tightropes on the left side of the stage when facing the bleachers. At the very top, across the highest tightrope, is the nugget.

Once the scenery changes to the quilted aesthetic for the first time, you can spot the nugget across a river on top of a tree stump. Just cross the river and pick it up.

The final collectible we’re after is in the third quilted area. After going forward from the button tunnel, you will see a button sewn into the ground that you can pry out using your Telekinesis power. Jump in the hole it opens up to grab the nugget.

Fatherland Follies Nugget of Wisdom

Finally, we come to the last three Nuggets of Wisdom in Fatherland Follies.

During this level, you will naturally come to a point where your objective will be to find an egg. Go into the room beside the Propagandeer full of Fabergé eggs and one Nugget of Wisdom.

In the room where you find the egg you’re actually looking for, check out the walls for a picture of Lady Lucktopus. Whip out your pyrokinesis and set it ablaze to reveal a hidden room with the nugget.

That brings us to the very last Nugget of Wisdom. You will arrive back at Whispering Rock Summer Camp, and once inside, you will come to a campfire with several cabins nearby. Take the right path, just to the left of the notice board, and into the first cabin on the right. The last nugget is right inside.

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