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Grab Ubisoft’s classic platformer ‘Rayman Origins’ for free on PC right now

Free games are always nice, and Ubisoft has given fans a chance to pick up several this year. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the publisher has been offering a different acclaimed PC game to Ubisoft Club members each month. We’ve already gotten a chance to bend time in Prince of Persia and shoot out light bulbs in Splinter Cell, and with this month’s Rayman Origins, we’ll be able to do … whatever a limbless humanoid cartoon character does.

From now until the end of August — and, more than likely, through the beginning of September — PC players with a Ubisoft Club account can download Rayman Origins absolutely free. The platformer, which is also available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, 3DS, and even Wii, propelled the classic franchise back into the spotlight. Its bright and beautiful environments, balanced difficulty, and absurd humor make it an excellent choice to get you out of a funk, and cooperative play, complete with friendly fire, can help you quickly end unwanted friendships.

If you’re itching to play even more Rayman, be sure to check out 2013’s excellent sequel, Rayman Legends. Its gameplay mostly follows the format of Origins, but also includes several speedrun-friendly music levels that see every step Rayman takes perfectly lining up with a drum beat or guitar chord. Unfortunately, some puzzle sections inserted to capitalize on the game’s initial Wii U exclusivity (it was delayed several months to launch as a multiplatform title) make it slightly less consistent than its predecessor.

Ubisoft still has four more free PC games to give away before the end of the year, and we’re betting there are still a few heavy hitters in store. Classic Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games sound like obvious choices, as does the strategy game Endwar.

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