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Razer Game Store to shut down at end of February, less than a year after opening

The Razer Game Store, a digital store that offered customers exclusive deals on games and discounts on gaming accessories, will shut down at the end of February, less than year after it opened.

Razer, which has dabbled in almost everything related to gaming, launched the digital store in April 2018. The Razer Game Store offered Steam, Uplay, and Origin keys to download games, and each purchase came with rewards in the form of Razer Silver.

Razer Silver serves as Razer’s loyalty points, which may be used toward the purchase of accessories, gift vouchers, and more. Customers earned Razer Silver for every title purchased on the Razer Game Store, but earned more if they used the Razer Gold digital currency.

Unfortunately, it appears that Razer’s plan to attach accessory discounts to game purchases will not push forward. In a statement published on the Razer Game Store, the team behind the digital platform said that it will shut down on February 28 due to the company’s “realignment plans.”

In the FAQ section attached to the announcement of the upcoming closure of the online store, Razer clarified that downloaded games will continue to work after the shutdown, but purchased keys and discount vouchers will need to be used before February 28.

The Razer Silver points and and Razer Gold currency, meanwhile, will not be affected by the closure of the Razer Game Store. Customers will still be able to redeem various rewards for the Razer Silver points that they have accumulated, and will be able to use their Razer Gold currency to unlock content on the Razer Gold Catalog.

Razer added that it will invest in more ways for customers to use Razer Gold credits, though the focus of those plans currently remain unclear.

While the loss of the digital store will be a blemish on Razer’s record, it does not mean that the company is losing its touch on what it does best — gaming hardware. Riding on the momentum of the Razer Blade Stealth, rolled out late last year, it released a new Quartz Pink edition of the ultraportable gaming laptop in January. The Razer Game Store will also fulfill any pre-orders that have been sent in through the platform.

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