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Gun Rush gives ‘Red Dead Online’ its own battle royale mode

Red Dead Online‘s latest update adds a battle royale mode called Gun Rush to the multiplayer list. Wait, doesn’t Red Dead Online already have a battle royale mode? Sort of.

Since the beta’s November launch, outlaws have been able to play Make it Count, a multiplayer variant with a shrinking map. While you only get one life in Make it Count, the only weapons available are bows and throwing knives, and ammunition is super limited.

Gun Rush is a more traditional battle royale mode. Though smaller in scope than Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the premise is the same. Thirty-two players scour the map for weapons and ammunition. The playable area shrinks over time, forcing players into confrontations. Now that firearms and scavenging are in play, Red Dead Online has a true battle royale mode for users to partake in either solo or as a member of a small team.

Along with the reveal of Gun Rush, Rockstar promised that more new content will be available soon, including additional multiplayer variants and horse races.

Red Dead Online has only been available in beta since November, but Rockstar has steadily added new content and fixes based on user feedback. In keeping with the promise to listen to the community, Rockstar will introduce a few much-desired features and quality-of-life updates soon. Daily challenges will give players specific tasks to complete each day, which should help keep everyone coming back on a daily basis.

To combat griefing — users who commonly kill anyone at first sight — a new bounty system will hopefully make the offenders think twice. Bounties will be placed on users who behave badly. If the user doesn’t pay them off in a timely manner, they will have bounty hunters breathing down their necks to collect. Another possible feature Rockstar is looking into is a system that marks problem players on the map so those minding their own business know to avoid them.

Rockstar also said new story missions are in the works, centered around both existing and new characters. New weapons and clothing options are in the pipeline, as well as additional dynamic events to complete when you’re not focused on a story mission.

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