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How to get the mop in Return to Monkey Island

Your first real challenge in Return to Monkey Island is a simple one: Get access to LeChuck's ship so you can leave Melee island. One part of this task requires finding a disguise to trick the crew so they don't recognize you, but even once you've done that, the only open position available is as a lowly swabbie. What's worse, though, is that they don't even provide you with your own mop. After all, they don't grow on trees, do they?




15 minutes

What You Need

  • Visit the Scumm Bar

Finding a mop might not sound like a particularly challenging or tricky proposition, but if you know anything about adventure games like Return to Monkey Island, then you know this won't be a simple trip to the store. Even if you spot the mop at the Scumm Bar, you won't be able to get that one no matter what, leaving you with quite the conundrum on your hands. If you're at a loss for how to get a mop in Return to Monkey Island, we'll clean this mystery up for you.

A skeleton pirate saying you need a mop.

How to get a mop

Return to Monkey Island isn't as obtuse as its old-school predecessors, and yet the strange logic of solving puzzles still appears here and there. Here are all the leaps in logic you will need to make to get yourself a mop.

Step 1: Attempt to become a swabbie on LeChuck's ship.

Step 2: Read the re-election poster of Carla on the docks to learn her slogan.

Step 3: Go to the Scumm Barr and into the kitchen.

Step 4: Attempt to borrow the mop from the cook.

A chef talking about a mop.

Step 5: Take the string on the pier next to the Scumm Bar.

Step 6: Go to Low Street and read the plaque on the statue of Carla to figure out where she is.

Step 7: Go to the International House of Mojo and purchase a knife and forgiveness frog.

The Voodoo Lady's hut.

Step 8: Go to the Governor's Mansion and attempt to borrow the Ingredients book.

Step 9: Write an apology letter to Carla with the forgiveness frog and feather and quill.

Step 10: Use her slogan for the third phrase and her location from the plaque as the fourth.

Step 11: Give the frog to Carla to receive the Ingredients book.

Step 12: Go back to the Scumm Bar and give the book to the cook.

Guybrush in a kitchen.

Step 13: Use the knife on the mop to shave a piece off while he's reading.

Step 14: Go to Low Street and enter Maps-n-More.

Step 15: Give the sliver of wood to Wally and get a map to the mop tree.

Guybrush asking about a mop tree.

Step 16: Go into the forest past the Museum of Pirate Lore.

Step 17: Use the map to see the path marked by different plants (the order of the plants will be different for everyone).

A map through a forest.

Step 18: Follow the path to the mop tree and use your knife on it.

Step 19: Combine the tangled string with the mop handle to finally create a mop.

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