Rumor: ‘Star Fox Wii U’ from Metroid Prime creators, Retro Studios, debuts at E3

rumor star fox wii u from metroid prime creators retro studios debuts at e3 for

Nintendo seems to have finally learned its lesson after the Nintendo 3DS: Don’t put out a new machine without a solid line up of classic franchises to go with it. The Wii U should have plenty from the sounds of things. Shigeru Miyamoto said in April that both a Wii U New Super Mario Bros. game and a Pikmin for the touch screen console will be shown off at E3 in June. If a new rumor from the U.K. is correct, Star Fox Wii U will also be on hand.

Techtroid claimed on Friday that, according to a source inside Nintendo, Star Fox Wii U will make its first appearance at E3. Q Games, the creators of Star Fox and the team behind more recent entries like Star Fox Command of Star Fox 64 3D, reportedly won’t be the team behind Star Fox Wii U. Retro Studios, the creators of Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns are allegedly handling the new adventures of Fox McCloud.

Retro is a great studio with a solid track record working on Nintendo’s classic franchises. Still, it’s worrisome to hear that anyone but Q Games is working on the game. The only games in the series not handled by Q Games, Rare’s Starfox Adventures and Namco’s Star Fox Assault, were both pretty atrocious.