Samurai Warriors 4 coming to PS3, PS4, and Vita this fall

samurai warriors 4 coming ps3 ps4 vita fall

It’s been a long few years for fans since Tecmo Koei first announced Samurai Warriors 4 in 2012. The game has finally gotten an official Western release date of October 21 in North America, and October 24 in Europe for Sony’s PlayStations 3, 4, and Vita.

The game features 55 playable characters, including re-designed fan-favorites like Yukimura Sanada and Nobunaga Oda, previous Japanese-release-exclusives like Takatora Todo and Naotora Ii, and new warriors such as Nobuyuki Sanada and Yoshitsugu Otani. There is also a host of tactical options like charged-up Rage Attacks, the ability to switch between two characters in real time, and seamless transitions between foot and mounted combat.

Story mode chronicles the Warring States Sengoku period of feudal Japan, leading up to its political unification under the Tokugawa shogunate. Story missions are divided between regional stories which focus on characters within each of the game’s myriad factions, and the story of unification, which shows the climactic struggle leading to Japanese unification. There is also a Chronicle Mode, which is a more freeform way to develop your warriors and armies.

The PS4 version obviously takes advantage of the console’s powerful hardware for richer visuals and more detailed environments, but gameplay is otherwise be the same across all platforms. Online co-operative and competitive multiplayer is also playable across all three platforms. Cross-saving is enabled for picking up and playing your game wherever you go.

This sequel marks the series’ return to Sony’s platforms. Although the first Samurai Warriors game launched for the PlayStation 2, Samurai Warriors 3 was a Wii exclusive outside of Japan, and its follow-up, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles was exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. Further details on Samurai Warriors 4 will be available next week at E3.