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Shadow of the Erdtree preload guide: release time, file size, and preorder

Shadow of erdtree
Bandai Namco Entertainment

Every Elden Ring fan has been preparing their characters and honing their skills for when the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC finally arrives. This is the longest it’s taken for FromSoftware to add DLC to one of its games, and hype has reached a boiling point in the weeks leading up to release.

As excited as we all are to enter the Lands of Shadows for the first time, it isn’t just your Tarnished that needs to be battle-ready. Making sure you have the content preloaded, and enough space to hold it, before launch will ensure the only road bumps you hit are the new enemies and bosses. Let’s break down all the preload information you need to know before Shadow of the Erdtree breaks your spirit.

Shadow of the Erdtree release time

Shadow of the Erdtree is scheduled to release on June 21, but no specific time has been given just yet. If we had to guess, we would say it will come out at midnight ET time, but we will let you know when specific times are listed.

Shadow of the Erdtree file size

🚨 ELDEN RING™ Shadow of the Erdtree

– Download Size : 16.502 GB

– Pre-Load : June 19
– Launch : June 21#ShadowoftheErdtree

— PlayStation Game Size (@PlaystationSize) June 5, 2024

If you’re playing on PlayStation 5, Shadow of the Erdtree will take up 16.5GB. That’s not huge, but it’s still hefty enough that you should check your storage space to be safe.

No other platform has the sizes listed yet, so if you’re on last-gen consoles, Xbox, or PC, expect it to be around that same size.

Shadow of the Erdtree preload options

A knight slashing another soldier.

Preloading will start on June 19 at noon ET for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S players. That is a full two days before the DLC releases, which is plenty of time for even the slowest internet connections.

No preload time has been confirmed for PC, but we again assume it will be the same as consoles.

So long as you have the DLC preordered, you will be able to preload it on your platform of choice after noon ET on June 19.

Shadow of the Erdtree preorder details

Elden Ring gameplay

There are three editions of Shadow of the Erdtree to preorder, but all of them give you preload access. You can preorder any edition from the official site and get the following perks:

Standard Edition — $40

  • Shadow of the Erdtree
  • Bonus Gesture

Premium Bundle — $50

  • Everything in the Standard Edition
  • Artbook
  • Soundtrack

Collector’s Edition (physical only) — $250

  • Everything in the previous edition
  • Statue of Messmer the Impaler
  • 40-page hard-cover artbook

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