Skype update lets Xbox One users make video calls while playing games


Allowing you to experience the crushing disappointment appearing on a friend’s face as you score the winning touchdown in the closing seconds of a game of Madden NFL 15, a new update to the Skype application on the Xbox One allows users to snap the Skype video chat window to the right side of the screen during games or other applications. Detailed within a post on the official Skype blog earlier today, the new update gives you the option of keeping a game, movie or another application full screen while controlling a new Skype call within the snapped interface.

Prior to this point, Xbox One owners were able to snap other applications while Skype was active, but not snap Skype into games or applications. The new controls within the snapped interface allow the user to place a video or voice call as well as flip the video or audio feed off, hang up, check chat messages or add additional participants into the call. This particular feature has been planned for quite a while and was originally a proposed selling feature in screenshots when the Xbox One hardware was introduced. 


This type of update may be of particular interest to users that enjoy multiplayer games, basically since there’s no way to pause a multiplayer match. However, if a user is receiving a Skype call, they can multitask by snapping it to the interface and continuing the multiplayer match. Another potential scenario where this could be useful would be watching a live NFL game with the other members of your fantasy football league. It could also be used to voice chat about a live TV event or perhaps share a video feed with a workout friend in order to offer motivational support or feedback on proper form.

Of course, the Skype update for Xbox One is completely free to download. For those that already have the Skype app downloaded, the update is approximately 53MB in size. Interestingly, this update to the software arrived just a few weeks after Microsoft made group video calls free for all Windows, Mac and Xbox One users.

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