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Overwatch 2’s newest hero is a Canadian cyborg soldier

Overwatch 2 news has been sparse over the past few years outside of unwelcome delays, but new information is finally emerging ahead of its upcoming closed beta. That silence was broken with Blizzard releasing multiple trailers of the newest hero joining the sequel’s roster, Sojourn.

Sojourn Origin Story | Overwatch 2

Sojourn was initially shown off two years ago in the Overwatch 2 gameplay reveal trailer. However, with a lore trailer yesterday and a gameplay trailer today, we now have a better look at the sequel’s Canadian cyborg soldier who’s shown to be as hospitable as she is mobile and deadly.

Like most Overwatch characters, Sojourn is a hero from the Overwatch program, sharing victories with characters like Soldier 76 and Mercy. Since their original adventures, she’s gone defunct along with the rest of the team … until now. Her personality isn’t too different from the rest of the cast, but the Overwatch series tends to develop characters slowly over time through additional media.

Sojourn Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2

Sojourn’s gameplay trailer gives a close look at how she plays, as the clip shows off some tricks and abilities that make her unique. One standout point is her movement, as she has a slide that ups her momentum and allows her to evade certain obstacles like forcefield walls. She can also continue firing her assault rifle-like railgun while using this movement, making her one of the more agile characters in the series. Hits from her railgun result in her secondary attack, a high power blast, getting more power.

Along with this, she has a wide-range snare shot that slows enemies and eats away at their health. Her Ultimate is confirmed to be called Overclock, which charges the railgun and allows every shot to pierce opponents.

Overwatch 2 still doesn’t have a firm release date, though a closed beta is set to begin soon.

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