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PS4 ‘Spider-Man’ game gets ‘The Heist’ DLC, new costumes on October 23

Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist – DLC 1 Teaser | PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the best games we’ve played all year, and if you haven’t gotten enough of New York City and its enormous population of criminals yet, you’ll be able to jump back in when The Heist DLC releases next week.

Out on October 23, The Heist is the first chapter in the game’s The City That Never Sleeps DLC series, all of which can be purchased for $25.

The Heist includes three new suits for Peter Parker to wear — the Resilient Suit, designed by Marvel illustrator Gabriele Dell’Otto, as well as the Scarlet Spider II suit and the Spider-U.K. Spider-Verse suit. These are on top of the more than two dozen suits already included in the base game.

The suits not only change the way Peter looks as he’s soaring through the city, but also unlock additional abilities. And if you don’t like a particular suit but still want its ability, you can even apply that ability to the suit of your choice after it has been unlocked. This is very useful, as there are a few suits you’ll get later in the story that you definitely will want to keep on for their cool factor alone.

The Heist will focus on Peter’s relationship with Felicia Hardy, better known as Black Cat. She plays a role in the main game as well, as Peter periodically comes across cats she has left scattered all over the city.

The two other DLC episodes included with The City That Never Sleeps are Turf Wars and Silver Lining. Details on those are scarce at the moment, but we know they’ll release in November and December, respectively. The timing is perfect, as the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is out in theaters on December 14. It features voice work from the likes of Nick Cage and John Mulaney, and has a more humorous tone than we see in the live-action films.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available exclusively for PlayStation 4. It had the biggest launch of any PlayStation 4 exclusive in history, taking the top spot away from God of War. It even had a bigger launch than the film Spider-Man: Homecoming, and a sequel is all but guaranteed.

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