Spoiler Alert! Brush up your fake, blood-soaked history with this Borderlands timeline

spoiler alert brush pandoran history borderlands timeline

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With Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel now out to fill in the chronological gap between Borderlands and Borderlands 2, Gearbox has shared this spoilerific breakdown of the series’ events so far.

Starting with Handsome Jack’s first joining the Hyperion Corporation as a lowly programmer, the timeline follows his rise to power within the company as he tries and ultimately fails to exploit the people and resources of Pandora. Along the way he encounters, manipulates, and antagonizes three groups of vault hunters across the three separate games (you didn’t realize that, did you?). The other constant thread is Claptrap, who rises to gun-toting badass between the first game and The Pre-Sequel before being cut down again to a lowly quest and exposition distributor in Borderlands 2.

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The timeline ends with Jack’s death and a teaser that more is to come in Tales from the Borderlands, the upcoming episodic adventure series from Telltale Games that will further flesh out the universe. With comics and a variety of games already, the growing Borderlands franchise shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, so take this opportunity to brush up on what’s come already.