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Square Enix releases a revealing new Final Fantasy XV trailer for Japan

square enix releases revealing new final fantasy xv trailer japan ffxv

Square Enix has released a new trailer in Japan for Final Fantasy XV that gives a hint at what’s to come. Unless you speak Japanese, however, much of it will remain a mystery. But all is not lost: the trailer gives us a look at the gameplay, the setting, and some of the characters.

For those that are curious, the characters in the trailer are discussing the best way to make a soufflé when they are attacked by a very hungry dragon that wants to destroy the world, but secretly just wants to make friends.

Yeah ok, we don’t speak Japanese, so that may be slightly mistranslated. (That said, if you do speak Japanese and want to fill us in, please let us know what they are saying in the comments below!)

Either way, there is still plenty to take from this video. The setting, for example, mixes modern technology and sensibilities with magic. The combat seems to be more action oriented than turn-based. The world has hints of the fantastic grounded in the familiar. The character of Lightning is nowhere to be seen. What? We’ve been stuck with her for a while now. Change is good.

Granted, it may not be the deep dive reveal longtime fans are hoping for, but it is a hint at things to come.

The trailer also goes on to tout the Japanese arrival of the PlayStation 4, which releases in Japan on February 22. When Final Fantasy XV is released, it will be on both the PS4 and the Xbox One, but the trailer seems to hint that the PS4 will be the preferred system for Final Fantasy fans. That isn’t a new assertion though. The series was for years the exclusive province of Sony’s consoles, and FFXV even made a brief appearance at the PlayStation event at E3. Of course, that doesn’t mean FFXV will be better on Sony’s console, just that its history more strongly connects it to the PlayStation family, especially in Japan where the Xbox 360 is adorably niche.

No word on a release date for Final Fantasy XV yet, but don’t be surprised if it debuts in Japan months before it hits North American or European shores. The recently released Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (you can check out our review here) debuted first in Japan on November 21, 2013. The game then had a broad release starting in North America on February 11.

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