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How to play co-op in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

The spin-off title Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin does a lot to differentiate itself from every other entry in the Final Fantasy series. We've had action-focused titles in the past, sure, but none on the level that Team Ninja has brought with this game. While not quite at the level of difficulty or mechanical depth as their Nioh titles, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is still a tough game, especially for fans of the mainline games that are used to a more tactical and slow-paced RPG adventure. However, just like with the Nioh games, there is a great way to help make the adventure a bit easier and more fun.




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Jack might be the poster boy for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, but he's not alone on his quest to kill Chaos. Other warriors will join him, and rather than leave them in the hands of AI, you can call in some friends to take over for some jolly co-operation. This might sound counterintuitive for JRPG fans that simply assume this game would be a pure single-player experience, but the entire game can actually be played with up to three players at once. If you want to role-play the new heroes of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin with friends, here's how to play co-op.

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An online map menu in Stranger of Paradise.
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How to create a multiplayer lobby

The first of a few ways you can start playing co-op in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is to create your own lobby for your friends to join. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Go to the main menu in the game and select the Online tab.

Step 2: Select Create a Room and either set a password, set each teammate slot to invite-only, or leave it open for anyone to fill.

The online settings menu in Stranger of Paradise.
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Step 3: Invite or wait for other players to join you.

Step 4: Choose the mission you want to tackle and select Ready.

Jack fights a malboro in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.
Square Enix

How to search for a co-op lobby

If you have a friend who is creating a lobby, or just want to join any open room, here's how to go about it.

Step 1: Select Search for a Room in the online menu.

Step 2: Choose to enter a Room ID if joining a specific room, or search based on the mission or playstyle you want. These playstyles are:

Anyone — This will just put you in any room with no parameters.

Bronze — This is for people who want to play at the lower difficulty levels.

Mythril — This is for people who want to play on the Action difficulty level typically.

Adamantite — This is for people who want to play at the highest difficulties.

Step 3: Select Search and you will be placed in a room.

Jack fights enemies in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.
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How to start co-op during a mission

Aside from in the menu before a mission, you can actually get people to join you while you're already on a mission. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Find a Cube in the level and activate it.

Step 2: Set your settings exactly as you would as if making a room in the first example.

Step 3: Continue playing, or wait until other players join your mission in progress.

Even though only the host of a lobby will play as Jack, you will always have your same gear, levels, jobs, and everything as your Jack if you come in as a guest. Even better, everything you accomplish, collect, and earn while playing co-op as a host or guest will carry over to your individual game too, so there's no downside to teaming up with friends whenever possible. This includes story progress, making Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin a fully cooperative experience from start to finish.

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