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How to open the binary code safe in Stray

Feline adventure Stray is filled to the brim with fun puzzles to solve, and you'll encounter no shortage of them upon first arriving in the Slums.

For instance, the game's first residential location is home to a safe sitting in a pile of garbage, which you're likely to run across when exploring the area near the musician by the elevator. How do you unlock the safe? We can help you out with that.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • Find Elliot

stray binary safe solution wall code in bar

How to open the binary code safe

When you pick up the note attached to the safe, you'll find that it's simply a password written in binary language — meaning it's a succession of zeros and ones, as pointed out by your robot companion, B-12. When speaking to most robot denizens around the Slums, they'll tell you that "only a real geek can read this," so it sounds like we're going to have to track one down.

Step 1: While it's not a required step to solving the mystery of the binary code safe's actual passcode, you can seek out the geek everyone keeps alluding to. Make your way into the alleyways, and look for the door with the black-and-white blueprints hanging on it. Scratch on the door — a robot will open it, letting you slink inside.

Step 2: Head up the stairs once you're in the house and find Elliot sitting at a computer. If you show him the mysterious paper, he'll read the binary code and tell you that you need to check out the Dufer Bar.

Step 3: Once you've talked to Elliot and received the info, mosey over to the Dufer Bar and waltz right in, then jump on the bar and examine the tropical picture hanging on the wall there to knock it down. This will reveal the code you've been looking for: 1283.

Step 4: Go back to the safe, and enter the code you found at the bar to open it. Inside, you'll find Sheet Music 8/8, which you can give to the nearby musician to hear him play a catchy tune before being on your meowy way.

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