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Capcom unveils Street Fighter V full-length CG trailer

Publisher Capcom has released a full-length trailer for its upcoming one-on-one fighting game Street Fighter V, giving an early glimpse at the game’s featured competitors. Street Fighter V introduces a handful of new fighters joining its playable roster alongside a number of returning favorites from earlier entries in the series.

Characters making their debut in Street Fighter V include the “warrior prophet” Necalli, Parkour brawler Rashid, Brazilian Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu expert Laura, and poison-wielding villain F.A.N.G.

Many of Street Fighter V‘s starring characters were seen in previous Capcom games, including Rival Schools veteran Rainbow Mika and Karin, Birdie, and Nash from the Street Fighter Alpha subseries.

Capcom announced that Street Fighter V will feature 16 characters at launch, scaling back the variety and complexity seen in Ultra Street Fighter IV‘s 44-fighter roster. The publisher notes that several more characters will join Street Fighter V‘s playable lineup as downloadable content, starting with the launch of six additional fighters by the end of 2016.

Classic series combatants Balrog and Guile are slated to launch as playable characters later this year, along with Street Fighter III veterans Alex, Ibuki, and Urien.

Last month, Capcom revealed that Street Fighter V will focus on competitive play at launch, and will not feature a single-player story mode. Storyline content is in the works, however, and the publisher notes that players can expect to see a story mode featuring an hour’s worth of cinematic cutscenes released as downloadable content this June.

While Street Fighter V‘s story mode will be available as a free download, additional fighters must be purchased with in-game currency. Details regarding the game’s DLC pricing and release schedule will be revealed later this year.

Street Fighter V premieres on February 16 as a PlayStation 4 console exclusive. Ports for Windows and Linux PCs will also be available on launch day.

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