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Here’s when can you expect our Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League review

Key art for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.
WB Games

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be available starting today for those who picked up its Deluxe Edition. If you’re looking for our review, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Being fully transparent, we did not get a code ahead of release and we are still yet to receive one.

We reached out to Warner Bros Games’ PR team and inquired about review codes roughly two weeks ago. Initially, we were told that no review timeline had been confirmed yet. Late last week, we received an update that we would be receiving code when servers went on early this week. The game is now live and running into server issues. Digital Trends would not recieve a code until January 30, one day after the game’s early access period had begun.

This does not appear to be a standalone case, either. Writers from IGN and ComicBook have also not received code yet, even though Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is technically already available to the general public. There are currently no reviews for the game available.

This isn’t entirely unprecedented. In our experience reviewing online-only games, press isn’t always given access to games beforehand. While Blizzard made sure to turn on servers early so press could review Diablo 4 last year, companies like Ubisoft have a history of not turning on servers early. Still, it is a bit of a red flag for a release of this scale — and one that comes amid some immediate launch problems.

For those reasons, we recommend waiting to purchase Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. This is an online-focused game that’s already running into server issues. That comes after some mixed previews, including a fairly negative take on the game from IGN. We believe that all of that, combined with the fact that press was not given early access, should leave you with some healthy skepticism.

So when can you expect our take? As I have code in hand now, I am now playing through the story and will begin the review process for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. I’ll aim to share some initial impressions of the game this weekend and plan to publish a full review of the title sometime over the next week or two once I feel I’ve spent ample time with its narrative, gameplay, and live service elements. I don’t intend to rush through it (I’m not The Flash!), but my goal is to  present an honest, thorough opinion of it in a timely manner that takes into account its stability as an online game.

Until then, maybe you can check out the excellent Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth or Tekken 8.

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