Suit up for Iron Banner and another Crucible weekend on Destiny

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Bungie has announced another round of upcoming events for Destiny, promising rewards of legendary gear for guardians that brave the gauntlet.

This weekend’s Crucible playlist takes you back to the intense 3v3 action on the orbital stations of Salvage.Victory in these battles will net you Crucible gear, marks, and reputation. Then for the week of October 7 through 14 the gloves are coming off for The Iron Banner. Enter battle with all of your gear and bonuses intact to test your true mettle and earn the respect of the Lords of Iron. Rewards include legendary gear, emblems, shaders, and ships.

The Queen’s Wrath event, which began earlier this week, continues through October 6. New bounties and challenging missions from the Queen’s emissary await guardians who wish to earn her favor and some of her sweet, sweet gear.

Check out Bungie’s weekly update post for more of the latest happenings in Destiny.