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Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Cons now compatible with NES Classic Edition

nintendo nes classic mini 2018
Nintendo has been responsible for two big hardware launches over the past six months, with the release of the NES Classic Edition in November 2016, and the Switch earlier this month. Now, there’s a way to bring the two systems together.

Peripheral manufacturer 8Bitdo has released a new update for its Retro Receiver add-on for the NES Classic, according to a report from Gamespot. The Retro Receiver allows players to use the system with a wireless controller, whether it’s one of the company’s custom gamepads, or simply a controller used with another current-generation console like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

The latest update adds support for the Switch’s Joy-Con as well as its Pro Controller. That means that you can take a trip back into Nintendo’s history while still making use of the brand new hardware that you bought last week.

There’s been plenty of talk about using Switch controllers with other systems since the console launched on March 3. The peripherals were first synced with a PC, before being paired with Macs and Android devices — however, iOS seems to be the odd operating system out, as its Bluetooth controller prevents compatibility with the system’s Joy-Cons and its Pro Controller.

Of course, most gamers who are lucky enough to have gotten their hands on a Switch at launch will likely still be embroiled in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game has been lauded for its fresh take on the series’ formula, taking inspiration from the original installment — which is playable on the NES Classic.

Still, diving into The Legend of Zelda using 8Bitdo’s Retro Receiver and a Joy-Con probably won’t replicate the experience of playing Breath of the Wild for real, if you’re unable to purchase a Switch. Just like the NES Classic, the console is undergoing stock shortages in the wake of its release.

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