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Do old Joy-Cons work with the new Nintendo Switch OLED?

While it wasn’t the rumored Switch Pro, Nintendo did release a new version of their latest hardware in 2021. The Nintendo Switch OLED is the latest iteration on their handheld/home console hybrid machine, but it isn’t bringing much of any new power. What it does bring is the titular OLED screen for when you play it in handheld mode. OLED screens are seen as the superior screen type thanks to how they make colors look so much more vibrant and deep. Even though the system can’t push games to actual higher resolutions, the OLED screen still makes every game on the Switch look that much sharper.

Unlike the Switch Lite, which has the controls connected to the device itself, this new Switch OLED is another version of the standard Switch. That means it can be docked and played in handheld mode just like the original. For Nintendo fans who are looking to upgrade their original units, the new OLED screen could be very tempting, but if you’ve had the Switch for a couple years now and have collected some of the many colorful Joy-Con controllers, you may be hesitant to buy this new one if they aren’t compatible. Now that we’ve gotten our hands on the new system, we can share for certain if your old Joy-Cons will work with the new Nintendo Switch OLED.

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Are old Joy-Cons compatible with the Nintendo Switch OLED?

Four Joy-Cons in a dock.

The short and sweet answer is yes. Any and all Joy-Cons you have in your collection can be paired up and used with the new Nintendo Switch OLED seamlessly. That means all those bright and colorful Joy-Cons you have can be mixed and matched with your shiny new OLED screen as you wish. With this new model’s slightly bigger screen and much-improved kickstand, it has never been more comfortable to take your Switch on the go. Also, if you plan on keeping your old Switch, the new Joy-Cons that come with the OLED model can be used on that system as well. Mix and match your controllers to your heart’s content!

Also, should the situation ever come up, the entire Switch OLED can also fit into your original Switch’s dock. All this to say, if you feel the enhanced screen is worth the investment and can find any available units to purchase, there’s no downside to grabbing this slightly new Nintendo Switch system.

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