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JRPG sequel Tales of Zestiria headed to North America, Europe this October

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A localized version of Bandai Namco’s console-style RPG Tales of Zestiria is due to launch in North America and Europe for PlayStation consoles and PC platforms later this year, the publisher confirmed today.

Released in Japan earlier this year, Tales of Zestiria is part of the same series that spawned acclaimed JRPGs like Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia, among many others. The Tales series is known for its unique combat system, which replaces the turn-based battles common to the genre with real-time brawling and spellcasting mechanics.

In Tales of Zestiria players control Sorey, a young man who quests to unite the earthly world with the Seraphs, a group of legendary beings who are invisible to humans. Sorey soon parties up with a crew of friends and fellow travelers, including a princess-knight and a fast-dealing merchant. Like previous games in the Tales series, Zestiria features lengthy story sequences bridged by briskly paced combat involving multiple party members at once.

The PlayStation 3 previously hosted the series entries Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of Graces F in recent years, along with Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, a compilation that includes two franchise chapters previously released on Nintendo platforms. The series was most recently seen in western territories with the retail and digital release of Tales of Hearts R for the PlayStation Vita.

The franchise recently made strides on mobile platforms with Japanese releases like Tales of Link and Tales of Asteria. A core series sequel, Tales of Berseria was recently announced for an upcoming PS3 and PS4 release in Japan.

Tales of Zestiria will launch for the PS4 and PS3 in Europe on October 16th and in North America on October 20th. A PC release will hit all regions simultaneously on October 20th.

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