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The best armor in Immortals Fenyx Rising and where to find it

What some refer to as a beautiful mash-up of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Immortals Fenyx Rising takes players on a grand adventure through ancient Greece. You’ll need to arm yourself on this adventure. You’ll be battling massive beasts from every corner of Greek mythology. You’ll find plenty of weapons and armor sets along the way to aid you in your quest to defeat Typhon. Here are the best pieces of armor you can find early on in Immortals Fenyx Rising. 

Brood of Typhoon Breast Plate

Immortals Fenyx Rising
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Most of the better armor sets in Immortals Fenyx Rising will buff your stamina regeneration. The more stamina you have, the more moves you can make. The Brood of Typhoon is part of the Chimera Armor set. This chest piece will grant a 21% chance to triple the amount of stamina gained on hit. Upgrading this piece will also give an extra +12 to your combo meter on hit.

You’ll find Brood of Typhoon by diving Atlanta’s Nightmare Tartaros Vault. This vault is located behind the Forge of the Gods, and its entrance will be well guarded. Players will have to put their archery skills on display to solve the puzzles. About halfway through the vault, you’ll notice an orange beam of light shooting down from the sky. Fly over to it, and you’ll find a chest on a platform. Inside is the Brood of Typhoon.

Skin of Revels

Part of the Satyr Armor set, Skin of Revels will act as a more consistent way to refill your stamina. While The Brood of Typhoon has the chance to fill a larger portion, Skin of Revels will always activate. More specifically, this armor will refill 7% of a stamina chunk whenever you land a hit. Once upgraded, it’ll grant +2 to the combo hit meter when you land hits while your stamina is full.

You’ll have to do some serious puzzle solving in the Clashing Rocks to find this piece. Head to the large, easternmost island in the Clashing Rocks area. Here, you’ll find a decorative building with many locked doors. You’ll need to activate four crystals on the main door to enter the building and claim your armor.

Crystal 1

Head to the northwest side of the building to find the front door. A red barrier is blocking it. Around it will be four blue crystals. Hit the button in front of the door, and one of the crystals will turn on. Three left.

Crystal 2

You’ll see another red barrier with a breakable wall above it on the building’s northeast side. Either use a heavy weapon or a boulder to break the wall and reveal a set of grates. Shoot one of Apollo’s Arrows through the grates and guide it to hit the button on the other side.

Crystal 3

On the southeast side of the building, you’ll find a pressure plate with a picture of a feather on it. It controls the entrance to a small building nearby. Use a boulder to weigh the button down and enter the small building. From here, dive underwater, and Fenyx will pop out on the other side. The button will be right there.

Crystal 4

This one is, by far, the trickiest. Head to the southwest side of the building and locate a cave entrance in the nearby cliff. Head inside to find a set of steps. Climb those and drop through the hole in the roof. You’ll find a block behind a grate. Use Hercule’s Strength to move it onto the pressure plate. Doing so will light a torch. Finally, use Apollo’s Arrow to light another torch hidden in a tree.

Now that all the buttons are activated, enter the main building, defeat any enemies, and open the chest.

Stormy Breastplate of Vulture

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If you’re a fan of aerial combat, you’ll quickly fall in love with the Harpy Set, specifically the Stormy Breastplate of Vulture. Each piece in this set will buff Fenyx’s aerial abilities. The Stormy Breastplate will grant a 140% stamina regeneration-over-time buff while in mid-are. Once upgraded, it will also award a +2 to the combo meter when landing aerial attacks. Pair this with the Tempest Axe for maximum aerial output.

To find this armor, head to the Vally of Eternal Spring. You’ll find a statue set on a hill with two heads of lettuce in front of it. One is missing and has been replaced by a rock. Defeat the enemies around the statue, then head down the hill to another statue and steal its head of lettuce. Place the lettuce down in front of the first statue, and a door in the cliffside will open. Head in and open the chest to claim your armor.

Victorious Garb

If you’re someone with good management of their stamina or you’re playing the game on a harder difficulty, this Armor may be for you. The Victorious Garb is part of the Nike set and will refill 105% of a health chunk upon landing a killing blow. Upgraded, it will also grant +4 to the combo meter when landing a killing blow as well. Immortals Fenyx Rising‘s harder difficulties will significantly nerf health regeneration or remove it altogether. The Victorious Garb will compensate for that and save valuable health potions. This armor is perfect for taking on large mobs of smaller enemies or a group of small enemies surrounding a mini-boss. Recover damage taken from the mini-boss by killing its tiny minions.

You’ll want to head to the War’s Den, more specifically to a cliffside North of the “D” in Den when zoomed in. You’ll find a golden building surrounded by pillars and enemies. Get rid of the enemies to begin solving the puzzle. You’ll find another red barrier and a moveable block on the upper level. Push the block up to the wall until it can go no further. Stand on the pressure plate to deactivate the barrier and throw a boulder at the block to knock it over the ledge.

Hide of the Hunted Dear

Immortals Fenyx Rising Best Weapons
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This piece of Artemis armor is all about Archery. If you’re going for a range build for Fenyx, this armor will grant a 24% buff to charge speed with your bow. This will allow you to shoot charged arrows more frequently. Upgraded, it will also grant a +3 to the combo meter when a charged shot connects with the target.

To find this piece, head to the Valley of Eternal Spring, specifically north of the “A” in “Valley.” Here, you’ll find a golden entrance in the cliffside guarded by enemies. Defeat them and head inside. To the right will be a breakable wall. Destroy it to reveal a pressure plate and a small block. Head up the left side of this room and manipulate another small block through a hole in the floor. Head back to the right side and move both blocks until they’re on the button. Now claim your prize!

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