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Warzone 2 PC settings guide: best graphics, audio and interface settings

On PC, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has a plethora of settings you can tinker with to maximize performance. With the right settings, you can go from average to expert, so long as your machine supports them. But with so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to pick the right settings on PC.

In this guide, we’ll run down our recommended settings for Warzone 2.0. Keep in mind that many of these are preference-based, while others are completely dependent on your hardware, so adjust accordingly. For a full breakdown of console settings, check out our dedicated guide.

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Keyboard & Mouse


Input device 

Aiming input device Mouse


Mouse sensitivity 2.9
ADS sensitivity multiplier 1.00
ADS sensitivity multiplier [focus] 1.00
ADS sensitivity type Relative
Monitor distance coefficient 1.33
Custom sensitivity per zoom Off
Vertical aim axis N/A
Mouse filtering Off


Controller settings in Warzone 2.0.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Input device

Aiming input device Controller


Edit button layout Tactical (personal preference)
Flip L1/L2 and R1/R2 Off (personal preference)
Stick layout preset Default
Controller vibration Off
Trigger effect Off


Horizontal stick sensitivity High 7
Vertical stick sensitivity 6
ADS sensitivity multiplier 0.70
Sensitivity multiplier 1.00
Vertical aim axis Standard


Aim down sight behavior Hold
Change zoom shared input Sprint/tactical sprint/focus
Focus behavior Hold
Automatic sprint Automatic tactical sprint
Equipment behavior Hold
Weapon mount activation ADS + melee
Interact/reload behavior Prioritize interact
Armor plate behavior Apply all


Aim assist

Target aim assist On
Aim assist type Default

Gyro aiming

Gyro behavior Off
Gravity vector Off
Gyro sensitivity horizontal N/A
Gyro sensitivity vertical N/A
Gyro horizontal inversion Off
Gyro vertical inversion Off


Aim response curve type Dynamic
ADS sensitivity multiplier [focus] 1.00
ADS sensitivity transition timing Instant
Custom sensitivity per zoom On (personal preference)
Inputs deadzone Personal preference

Movement behaviors

Sprint/tactical sprint behavior Toggle
Auto move forward Off
Tactical sprint behavior Double tap
Grounded mantel Off
Automatic airborne mantel Partial
Automatic ground mantel Off
Invert slide and dive behavior Standard
Plunging underwater Plunge freely
Parachute auto-deploy Off
Sprinting door bash On
Ledge hang mantel behavior Mantel only

Combat behaviors

ADS stick swap Off
Backpack alternate control Off
ADS interruption behavior Interrupt
Weapon mount movement exit On
Weapon mount exit delay Short
Depleted ammo weapon switch On
Quick C4 detonation On

Vehicle behaviors

Vehicle camera recenter Short delay
Camera initial position  Free look

Overlays behaviors

Ping wheel delay Moderate
Double tap danger ping delay Moderate




Display mode Fullscreen exclusive
Display monitor Personal preference
Display adapter Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 (Personal preference)
Screen refresh rate 239.970
Display resolution 2560 x 1440
Dynamic resolution Off
Aspect ratio Automatic
V-sync [gameplay] Off
V-sync [menus] Off
Custom frame rate limit Unlimited
Restart shaders optimization Personal preference
Shader optimization Personal preference
Display gamma 2.2 [SRGB]
Brightness 55
Constrain mouse to game window Off
Focused mode Off

High Dynamic Range [HDR]

High Dynamic Range [HDR] Off
HDR Calibration N/A


Global Quality

Quality Presets Custom
Render Resolution 100
Upscaling/Sharpening FidelityFX CAS
Anti-Aliasing Filmic SMAA T2X
Anti-Aliasing Quality Low
Video Memory Scale 90

Details & Textures

Texture resolution Low
Texture filter anisotropic Normal
Nearby level of detail High
Distant level of detail High
Clutter draw distance  Short
Particle quality High
Particle quality level High
Bullet impacts & sprays On
Shader quality Low
Tessellation Off
Terrain memory Max
On-demand texture streaming Off
Streaming quality Normal
Volumetric quality Low
Deferred physics quality Off
Water caustics Off

Shadow and lighting

Shadow map resolution Normal
Screen space shadows Off
Spot shadow quality Low
Spot cache Low
Particle lighting Normal
Ambient occlusion Off
Screen space reflections Off
Static reflection quality Low
Weather grid volumes Off

Post-Processing Effects

Nvidia Reflex low latency On
Depth of field  Off
World motion blur Off
Weapon motion blur Off
Film grain 0.00


Field of View

Field of view [FOV] 120
ADS Field of view Affected
Weapon field of view Wide
3rd person field of view 90
Vehicle field of view Wide


1st-person camera movement Least [50%]
3rd-person camera movement Least [50%]
3rd-person ADS transition 3rd person ADS
Default spectator camera Game perspective


Audio settings in Warzone 2.0.
Image used with permission by copyright holder


Audio mix Headphone bass boost
Master volume 100
Music volume 0
Dialogue volume 0
Effects volume 100
Hit marker volume 100
Mono audio Off
Mono amount N/A


Subtitles Personal preference
Subtitles size Personal preference
Subtitles background opacity Personal preference

Voice Chat

Voice chat On (personal preference)
Last words voice chat On (personal preference)
Proximity chat On (personal preference)
Voice chat device Headset
Open mic recording threshold 70 (personal preference)
Voice chat volume 60 (personal preference)
Microphone test Off
Microphone volume 100


Mute yourself when connecting  Off
Game voice channel All lobby

Audio advanced settings

Juggernaut music Off
Hit marker sound effects MW
Reduce tinnitus sound Off



Menu text size Default (personal preference)
Text chat text size Default (personal preference)
Text chat background opacity Personal preference
Text chat message duration Personal preference
Language selection Personal preference
Color customization  Personal preference


Subtitles All off (personal preference)
Subtitles size Default
Subtitles background opacity 0


Mini map shape Square
Mini map rotation On
Horizontal compass On
Crosshairs On
Crosshair bobbing Off
Hit markers visuals On
Damage-based hit markers On
Player names Abbreviated
Vehicle HUD prompts Fade after 5 seconds


Telemetry Custom
Server latency On
Packet loss On
Clock On
Connection meter Off

Advanced interface settings

Gameplay tips On
Tooltips On
Parallax effects On
Center dot Off
Center dot scale Default

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