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The best controller settings for Call of Duty: Vanguard

While many players like to experience the latest Call of Duty title in a casual way, those looking to gain an advantage will want to tinker with the in-game settings to maximize performance. That rings true for the newest entry, Call of Duty: Vanguard. Sledgehammer and Activision have stepped up their game when it comes to customization, allowing you to alter a slew of settings so you can play how you want.

If you’ve taken a look at the controller options, you might be overwhelmed, simply due to the number of settings you have the ability to change. Most of the settings you might want to alter come down to personal preference, but there are a handful that should be changed regardless, especially if you’re playing with a controller. Here, we’ll go through the best controller settings in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Make sure you match our settings and adjust as needed, since many options will be different from person to person.

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Armored soldier in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Basic Controls

Horizontal stick sensitivity High 7 (personal preference)
Vertical stick sensitivity High 7 (personal preference)
Ground vehicles sensitivity multiplier 1.00
Air vehicles sensitivity multiplier 1.00
Custom sensitivity per zoom On
ADS sensitivity multiplier (low zoom) 0.70
ADS sensitivity multiplier (2x zoom) 0.70
ADS sensitivity multiplier (3x zoom) 0.70
ADS sensitivity multiplier (4x zoom) 0.70
ADS sensitivity multiplier (5x zoom) 1.00
ADS sensitivity multiplier (6x zoom) 1.00
ADS sensitivity multiplier (7x zoom) 1.00
ADS sensitivity multiplier (8x zoom) 1.00
ADS sensitivity multiplier (High zoom) 1.00
Button layout preset Tactical (personal preference)
Vertical aim (on foot) Standard
Vertical aim (ground vehicles) Standard
Vertical aim (air vehicles) Standard
Aim response curve type Dynamic
Controller vibration Off
Trigger effect On
Weapon fire threshold Off

Advanced Controls

ADS sensitivity transition timing Instant
ADS sens. multiplier (Steady aim) 1.00
Stick layout preset Default
Controller orientation Up
ADS stick swap Off
L2 button min input deadzone 0
R2 button min input deadzone 0
Left stick min input deadzone 0
Right stick min input deadzone 3
Left stick max input deadzone 99
Right stick max input deadzone 99


Characters in battle in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Weapons and Equipment

Target aim assist On
Target aim assist mode Default
ADS aim assist On
Weapon mount activation ADS + melee
Weapon mount movement exit On
Weapon mount exit delay Long
Depleted ammo weapon switch On
Blind fire On


Automatic airborne mantle Off
Grounded mantle Off
Automatic ground mantle Off
Mantle stance queuing On
Automatic sprint Automatic sprint
Auto move forward Off
Sprint cancels reload On
Sprinting door bash On

Action Behavior

Slide behavior Tap
Sprint/tactical sprint behavior Toggle
Aim down sights behavior Hold
Equipment behavior Hold
Quick demolition charge detonation Off
Steady aim behavior Hold
Automatic weapon fire behavior Hold
Interact/reload behavior Tap to reload
Scoreboard behavior Toggle

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