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The 10 best mods for Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village definitely dialed up the action when compared to Biohazard. As far as terror goes, it depends what players are more afraid of, gothic horror or mutant hillbillies. As with every other Resident Evil game, modders have found ways to improve the game’s overall performance and look. They’ve also found ways to turn a game like Resident Evil Village into a comedic masterpiece. Here are some of the best mods currently available for Resident Evil Village.

The mods mentioned below come directly from Nexus Mods. We’ve provided links to their pages to make them easy for you to download. Whether you’re a modder yourself or just looking for a good laugh, the mods on this list are for everyone to enjoy.

Fluffy Manager

Resident Evil Village Fluffy Manager Mod

Fluffy Manager is going to act as your mod-manager for Resident Evil Village. If you plan to mod the game any further, Fluffy Manager will make it easy to download and install future mods, arrange them, and uninstall them should you choose to.

Fluffy Manager also comes with an FOV slider to change your field of view. The base game did not feature an FOV slider, something PC players were frustrated by as a wider FOV often makes for a better gaming experience. Fluffy Manager comes to us from FluffyQuack at Nexus Mods. You can download Fluffy Manager via Nexus Mods.

Daughters of YoRHa

Daughters of YoRHa Resident Evil Village Mod

Fans of Nier: Automata, the 2017 JRPG, will enjoy this mod as it replaces Lady Dimitrescu’s daughter’s torn and dirty outfits with sleek YoRHa dresses. Players have the option to equip the visor as well. The dress options come in both black and white, with white being slightly more creepy, especially when standing next to Lady Dimitrescu herself. They give off an asylum vibe that adds to the horror of Castle Dimitrescu.

If you didn’t play Nier: Automata, you may recognize the YoRHa outfits from SoulCalibur VI. 2B, the protagonist from Nier: Automata, was released as a DLC character in SoulCalibur in December of 2018. The Daughters of YoRHa mod comes to us from creator JTeghius Kittius and can be download via Nexus Mods.

Fly Swatter

Fly Swatter Resident Evil Village Mod

Speaking of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters, those pesky flies are probably full of disease. Thankfully, players can install the Fly Swatter mod to turn Ethan’s trusty blade into a pest-killing machine. Don’t worry, the fly swatter will do just as much damage as the knife (which wasn’t much to begin with) and can be used outside of Castle Dimitrescu. Yes, you can absolutely try taking down Lycans with Ethan’s new weapon.

This mod comes to us from EvilLord and CrazyPotato and can be downloaded via Nexus Mods.

Mini-Me Chris

Mini-me Chris Resident Evil Village Mod

This is one of those joke mods that will provide players with a few minutes of hysterical laughter before diving into the main game. We all know Ethan has a baby daughter, and we all know Chris Redfield plays a part in Resident Evil Village. Without spoiling anything further, just imagine Chris Redfield’s head on baby Rose’s body.

This mod actually garnered so much popularity that creator JTeghius Kittius had to take it one step further. They made a matching mod that also replaced Chris Redfield’s head with baby Rose’s head. Yes, it’s just as cursed as it sounds. You can download Mini-Me Chris and Baby Rose Chris on Nexus Mods.

Count Theodora

Thomas the Tank Engine Lady Dimitrescu Resident Evil Village Mod

There’s something truly horrifying about blending a fond childhood memory with a murderous 9-foot-tall woman. That is exactly what the Count Theodora mod does. Lady Dimitrescu will now stalk Ethan around her castle while wearing the head of Thomas the Tank Engine. One user referred to the mod as “Thomas the trauma engine.”

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Thomas the Tank Engine used for a Resident Evil mod. Modder ZombieAli created a mod for the Resident Evil 2 remake that completely replaces Mr. X with Thomas the Tank Engine. Of course, Thomas the Tank Engine isn’t the only silly replacement mod from the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes. Those looking to run from Thomas the Trauma Engine in Resident Evil Village can download the mod from Nexus Mods thanks to creator Crazy Potato.

Spongebob Paintings and Photos

Spongebob Mod Resident Evil Village

While on the topic of blending fond childhood memories with gothic horror, players can install what we’ll just call the Spongebob mod to replace the art and pictures displayed around the game with images from the Nickelodeon show, Spongebob Squarepants. Believe us when we say this mod goes into great detail. It replaces practically every piece of artwork or framed photo with an image or painting from seasons 1-3 of Spongbob. Even the Village of Shadows book Mia reads can’t escape this mod.

This mod even goes as far as to add a framed picture of DoodleBob to Ethan and Mia’s house in the very beginning. Thanks to creator KushAstronaut, you can download this mod from Nexus Mods and enjoy a good laugh right now.

Merchant Costume for Duke

The Merchant's Robes Resident Evil Village Mods

The Merchant from Resident Evil 4 is, arguably, one of the most beloved Resident Evil characters of all time. Now, in Resident Evil Village, players have the Duke to buy from, sell to, and upgrade with. The Duke, as jolly as he may be, just doesn’t compare to the raspy charm of Resident Evil 4’s unfriendly merchant who simply refuses to ever learn Leon’s name. It is, however, interesting how the Duke plays into the story of Resident Evil Village and isn’t just a shop for players to visit.

From creator JWesker, this mod fits the Duke with the Merchant’s robes in size Quadruple-XL. Download it now via Nexus Mods.

Ghostface in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Ghostface Mod

Ghostface, the iconic serial killer from the Scream franchise, has found his way into Resident Evil Village. Thanks to a modder simply named George, Ethan can take down Ghostface while playing both The Mercenaries and Campaign. This mod replaces the Moroaica enemies, the sickle-wielding skinny ones, with the iconic killer. While depicting what looks like a Halloween costume mixed in with beautifully disgusting Lycans, this mod is certainly a fun one.

Perhaps Resident Evil is one of Ghostface’s favorite scary movies? Either way, players can download the Ghostface mod from Nexus Mods.

More Melee Weapons

More Melee Weapons Resident Evil Village Mod

Unless players have unlocked the LZ Answerer melee weapon, better described as a lightsaber, they don’t have many melee weapons to choose from in Resident Evil Village. Chris’ combat knife can get the job done, but more hands-on players will want some variety to choose from, and they’ll get it from this mod.

Players can freely download whichever melee weapon they wish to use instead of downloading the entire batch. They can be turned on and off via Fluffy Manager, but only one will work at a time. There are 15 different weapons to choose from including the Lycan Hammer (shown above), the Saw Axe, and the Witch Shotel. Thanks to creator MadMax, you can download this mod from Nexus Mods.

Ray Gun (from COD zombie mode)

Ray Gun as Rocket Pistol Resident Evil Village Mod

Nothing says “zombie killing machine” quite like the ray gun from Call of Duty’s infamous zombie mode. Players remember the first time they pulled the ray gun from the mystery box after beating Call of Duty: World at War’s campaign and unlocking the secret mode. Now, they can wield the same weapon in Resident Evil Village … sort of.

There are two different versions of this mod, both from creator KushAstronaut, the same modder that brought us the Spongebob mod. One version replaces the standard LEMI pistol with the ray gun. However, it only does as much damage as your LEMI and doesn’t make the classic ray gun sound effect.

Second, players can download a different version that replaces the rocket pistol. KushAstronaut was able to add something very close to the classic ray gun sound when firing. The rocket pistol does massive amounts of base damage and has a splash-damage radius just like the ray gun. Download the LEMI version of the mod or the rocket pistol version, both available on Nexus Mods.

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