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The best Resident Evil 3 mods

The Resident Evil Franchise has been on a remake trend in recent years. It started when Capcom ported Resident Evil 4 for Xbox One and PS4 back in 2016. Since then, Capcom has been remastering/remaking the games that put it on the map. Most recently, Capcom released a remake of Resident Evil 3 in April of 2020. Without a moment to spare, PC players were quick to mod the game to add a new layer of flair and fun. Here are the best Resident Evil 3 mods currently available via Nexus Mods.

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Fluffy Manager 5000

Fluffy Manager 5000 Resident Evil 3 Mod

Before you download any other Mod for Resident Evil 3, you’ll want to download Fluffy Manager. While this doesn’t do anything to the game itself, Fluffy Manager will act as your point-of-control for all the mods you plan on downloading. Fluffy Manager comes with an interface and will show you everything currently available for Resident Evil 3. It also makes uninstalling mods much more manageable. Fluffy Manager 5000 streamlines the modding process and is the first thing anyone should download if they’re looking to mod Resident Evil 3.

RE3 Immersion Reshade

Immersion Reshade Resident Evil 3 Mod

Those looking to improve the overall appearance of the game will be happy with RE3 Immersion Reshade. This Mod has multiple different settings to choose from:

  • Color: Modifies the game’s tonality, removing the yellow tonality and adding a more natural tone.
  • Reduced: Increases the lighting, color, and depth slightly. Use this option if you use a TV or monitor that is very bright.
  • Normal: Standard version that balances brightness, color, and depth.
  • Extreme: If you still want to see the game brighter and healthier, with greater separation of shadows and lights, this is for you.

The RE3 Immersion Reshade, in layman’s terms, makes the game look similar to The Last of Us 2.

Classic Inventory

Resident Evil 3 classic inventory mod

“Don’t fix what isn’t broken” is a phrase said all too much when it comes to the remake age. Capcom, though, has done a great job of remastering its past games. However, players can’t help but yearn for the classic experience they fell in love with. With the Classic Inventory mod, players can remember what the old-school Resident Evil 3 inventory looked like. You’ll also get the classic health bar as well as the classic logo at the start screen.

Nemesis Classic Head

Nemesis Classic Head Resident Evil 3 Mod

To stick with the “classic” trend, this Mod improves the game’s primary villain, Nemesis, making him look more like he did in the original game. There isn’t much more to this mod than what it says. The way Nemesis looks in the Resident Evil 3 remake has been argued by fans of the original game. This mod makes Nemesis look like he always has while still upholding the game’s modern graphics.

Nemesis Alternatives

Resident Evil 3 Shrek Mod

Some of the best mods are the ones that spark content. Most of these Nemesis replacement mods are just plain silly. They do, however, add a unique level of charm to the game. There are handfuls of different mods that will replace Nemesis with other characters from all walks of media. Here are a few we like:


This Mod replaces Nemesis with everyone’s favorite grumpy ogre, Shrek.


This mod replaces Nemesis with Ultron, the antagonist from Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Ultron mod adds a Terminator-like feel to the game as Jill runs from this cybernetic monstrosity.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Remember that friendly train from your childhood? He’s not so friendly anymore. This mod replaces Nemesis with Thomas the Tank engine. Like the Shrek mod, it’s one you’ve probably seen in your social media feeds.

First-Person POV


This is, arguably, what made Resident Evil: Biohazard so terrifying. Players can play the Resident Evil 3 remake in first person with this mod from Praydog, the modder who figured out first-person perspective in the Resident Evil 2 remake. This mod can be downloaded for both games. You’ll want to make sure you have the most recent version if you’ve previously downloaded it for Resident Evil 2.  

Ultimate Trainer

Ultimate Trainer Resident Evil 3 Mod

The Ultimate Trainer mod lets you completely change almost every aspect of the game, from overall health to character speed, enemy health, and so on. Trainers are “cheat” mods that let players manipulate the game for an easier time. While this may suck the fun out of the game itself, it will make for good content creation if trying to do an explainer or how-to video. This mod will also allow you to play in the first person if you’re tight for storage space and can not fit both downloads. Be warned; the first-person view can get buggy during cutscenes as the camera isn’t built for it.

No Limping

Resident Evil 3 Remake Jill Zombies" width="720" height="480" />

Whenever Jill takes damage in Resident Evil 3, she’ll begin to limp until her health is fully recovered. While this adds a degree of difficulty to the game, it can get annoying, especially if that damage was easily avoidable. The No Limping mods does exactly what it says. It, however, does not increase Jill’s damage resistance. She’ll be able to run no matter what state she’s in. Whether you want to call this “Easy Mode” or not, it will ease everyone’s quality of life tenfold.

Ellie Costume (The Last of Us 2)

Ellie Costume Resident Evil 3 Mod

To revisit the previous mention of Naughty Dog’s award-winning title, this mod will let you play as Ellie from The Last of Us 2 (sort of). You will still be Jill; however, this is a costume variant that will transform her into Ellie. This mod goes into great detail, even incorporating the backpack holster system seen in TLOU2. Creator DarknessRvaltier plans on releasing more Last of Us-inspired content and costumes for Resident Evil 3. Goodbye, Seattle; hello Raccoon City.

Captain America as Carlos

Captain America as Carlos Resident Evil 3 mod

To round out this list of mods, we’ll come back to our original mention of The Avengers. This mod places an incredibly realistic character model of Captain America from the MCU over Carlos. Like the Ellie mod, this still acts as a costume, and characters will address Cap as Carlos. You can pretend that Carlos is just Cap’s undercover name as he attempts to rid Raccoon City of the zombie outbreak. One fun fact about Carlos’ voice actor Jeff Schine is that he also voices Captain America/Steve Rodgers in Marvel’s Avengers, the video game released in 2020.

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