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All treasure locations in Resident Evil Village

The influence that Resident Evil 4  has had on the gaming industry cannot be overstated. The least surprising series to attempt to mimic that game’s success is, in fact, Resident Evil, and Resident Evil Village borrows a lot of its mechanics and design ideas from that seminal game. Aside from perspective, which calls back to the previous game that first took the series into the first-person perspective, Village is going to feel very familiar to fans of Resident Evil 4 in all the best ways, including the return of treasures.

Treasures in Resident Evil 4 were more than just collectibles you picked up around the map and traded in for more currency to buy guns, items, and upgrades. They were also unique items that, if you were observant and patient, could be combined with other treasures to create far more valuable items to sell. Resident Evil Village does the same, but makes it clear right from the start which treasures can be made more valuable by combining them. Treasures are also not just limited to sellable items, either, but a couple of unique weapons you can’t get anywhere else. We’ll show you where to pick up all the treasures in Resident Evil Village so you can line your pockets with Lei.

Minor spoilers ahead.

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Luiza’s Heirloom – Cesare’s Goblet

Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

After completing the Beneviento house and returning to the village hub, open your map and make your way to Luiza’s house by going through Fallow Field. The house has clearly seen better days, more burnt rubble than anything else, but check the front steps for a small box to open up with Luiza’s Necklace inside. Pop open your inventory and examine the necklace to find a crystal you can remove to sell, as well as the key hidden behind it. Take Luiza’s key back to the Altar, near Duke, and go west to where the ceremony was held. On the right, you can spot some caves. Go inside and look along the left side for a locked box you can use the key on. Inside is Cesare’s Goblet.

Beneviento’s Treasure – Berengario’s Chalice

Right outside of the Beneviento house, but only after you have completed the area, is a path with a grave decorated with a bunch of creepy dolls. It’s quite hard to miss, so go up to it and see that part of the headstone has been broken off so you can’t read the name of whose grave it is. Make your way back to the village now and go to the graveyard area here, specifically by the gate that leads to Castle Dimitrescu. You may have come across a locked crypt here earlier, which is now accessible. Go inside and grab the Broken Slab and haul it back to the grave. Just as a heads up, you should be ready for a pretty tough fight before you go back. Make sure you’re stocked up on ammo and health just in case. Repair the headstone and the coffin will open up. Grab the Berengario’s Chalice and continue on your way.

Wooden Angel Statue

Once you survive your first encounter with one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters, you will wind up in the kitchen area of the castle. There are a few things to pick up here, but make sure to grab the Wooden Angel Statue inside a locked drawer in the hallway just outside on the right. Thankfully there is a lockpick nearby in the hallway so you can crack it open and grab the loot.

Silver Angel Statue

You’ll need to drain the reservoir before you can find this shiny statue in the muck. After exiting the mines, make your way back to the boathouse where there will be a new path you can take that was previously covered by water. Follow the new path down to a small puddle where a boat with a chest now sits. Loot the box and grab your new Silver Angel Statue.

Golden Lady Statue

This treasure can’t be picked up until you have the crank item you get in Moreau’s Reservoir. Once you have it, start at the Altar area in the village and go toward the Ceremony Site. When you hit the river, turn right to the drawbridge. Use your crank to lower it and cross over and continue on north. You’ll eventually hit a door leading underneath Castle Dimitrescu, which leads to a small puzzle where you need to swing one torch to light two others, plus a third you can’t light. This is where the enemies that appear from the side rooms you opened up by lighting the other torches come in handy. Kite one into the center area and hit it with the torch to light it on fire. While it is ablaze, draw it to the final torch so it bumps into it and lights it. Once lit, a final door will open with the Golden Lady Statue resting on a decorated table.

Maestro’s Collection – F2 Rifle High-Capacity Magazine/Steel Hraesvelgr

The Maestro’s Collection is also not accessible until after you have beaten the Beneviento area. Once that area has been completed and you exit the house, look on your map for the area labeled as the Garden. There will be a single house there with a typewriter in the first room. Check beside the typewriter and pick up Luthier’s Key, which has a keychain of a cello on it as a clue for where you will use it.

Go back to the village and now make your way to Maestro’s House on the south side of the map by shooting the lock off the gate if you haven’t already. Use the key you picked up to unlock the door and go to the back to find a locked cabinet. You can search around for the combination, or just enter 27-09-17 to crack it open right away. The case inside will hold the F2 Rifle High-Capacity Magazine and the Steel Hraesvelgr statue to sell.

Grenade Launcher

Resident Evil Village GM79 Grenade Launcher
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This weapon technically counts as a treasure, and isn’t too hard to miss if you just play naturally, but can be overlooked if you go too quickly or don’t check every area fully. Once you’re on your way to Moreau’s Reservoir via the East Old Town, you’ll hit a river you need to follow north toward the waterwheel building. The door is locked, but you should already have the Iron Insignia Key from the piano puzzle in Castle Dimitrescu to open it up. Get inside and claim your powerful explosive launcher.

M1851 Wolfsbane Revolver

The only other weapon classified as a treasure is the Wolfsbane Revolver, which is a very powerful magnum. After you complete Moreau’s Reservoir and exit back out of the elevator, you will be able to open a gate using the crank you obtained in that area to reach Moreau’s Lab. Follow the path up the hill and find the non-destroyed house. It’s locked, and there’s no key to unlock it or padlock to shoot, so slink around back and find a hold you can enter through, but beware the werewolf waiting for you inside. Deal with that and plunder the chest to get one of the strongest weapons in the game.

Cannibal’s Plunder – Father Nichola’s Angel

Right after you get the Wolfsbane and get back to the village, you will start seeing a bunch of signs luring you toward the next area to progress the story. Follow them all the way up until you reach a tunnel, but instead of going inside, head left toward an area on the map called Otto’s Mill. Go across the little creek, knife open a lock, and get ready for a small encounter as soon as you hit the mill itself. There’s plenty of loot to be had here, but the treasure itself is farther ahead in a chest sitting on an altar.

Treasure Under The Stronghold – Guglielmo’s Plate

If you go back on the path and enter the stronghold area as you were supposed to, you’ll come to what is basically the entire game’s nest of werewolves. This is a major fight, including a boss you’ll have to take down, so go in ready for one and work your way to the bottom floor as you blast away lycans until you come to a mineshaft area full of crystals. After beating the boss and watching the video of Heisenberg, exit through the hallway and look to your left. You’ll find the gold plate sitting on a candle-lit shelf below a portrait.

Crimson Glass

Right near the beginning of the game, after you first encounter Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters, they will leave you in a room to wait for them to return. Obviously, that’s a bad idea, so after freeing yourself, take a second before leaving the bedroom and grab this Crimson Glass off the messy table nearby.

Lady’s Lipstick

When you’ve made it out of the castle and into the courtyard area, evading Lady D all the while, double back to her bedroom to help yourself to some more treasure in her bathroom, which has now been unlocked. Just be quick, though, since Lady D won’t be happy if she finds you there.

Antique Coin

Starting at the Altar location in the village, go to the Ceremony Site and take a turn toward the drawbridge. Use the riverboat to head south to the Reservoir, where you will reach a dock. Enter a tunnel on the right path into a big room filled with camping equipment and supplies. Look near the laptop to pick up a nice Antique Coin to sell.

Ingrid’s Necklace

While you’re exploring the prison section of Castle Dimitrescu, you will be faced with an encounter against a small hoard of Moroaica. Take them down however you can, and after the last one falls, loot their corpses. Each will disintegrate after you pick them clean, and one of them will hold Ingrid’s Necklace.


Inside Heisenberg’s factory, you will eventually do battle with Sturm before going into a new section of the area. In this room, check a desk in the back with a lantern on it to pick up this oddly valuable cigar.

Crimson Skull

Resident Evil Village Skull
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Crimson Skull is your reward for solving the labyrinth puzzle within Castle Dimitrescu. You encounter it inside the Merchant’s room, but first you need to get the Flower Swords Ball from the Opera Hall. While exploring the balcony, go left into a room with a Moroaica and, after dealing with it, find the ball near the unbuilt labyrinth puzzle. Take the ball back to the Merchant’s room and place the ball in to begin the puzzle. All you have to do is tilt the puzzle to lead the ball into the hole marked by a red flag. Once you make it in, the Crimson Skull is yours.

Onyx Skull

The second skull is the reward for solving the Beneviento house labyrinth puzzle, which functions exactly like the first one. This time, however, you need to get the Sun and Moon ball. On your way back to the village, you’ll be detoured into a shack where you can grab the W870 TAC Shotgun to help deal with the onslaught of enemies. Once you’re in the clear, head out back across the path to the garden and approach the big tree with a small headstone beneath. Open the box on top to get the ball, which you can take to the Gardener’s House and use on the labyrinth puzzle to get your second skull.

Chartreuse Skull

Whatever chartreuse means, this valuable skull is the third of four tied to solving a labyrinth ball puzzle, this time found after beating Moreau and taking the lift back up. Once back up by the mill, use the crank you’ve obtained to open the gate on the right and follow the path to a fork. Take the right path up and around to grab the Mermaid Ball resting on a small wooden shrine. Now you can head back down to the windmill and use the ball on the puzzle to earn this skull.

Bister Skull

Our final skull is locked off until you reach the fourth floor of Heisenberg’s lab, right next to where Duke sets up shop. Go up the stairs to where you find some files and a map of the upper levels and use the map to find a hidden room hidden behind a minecart you can push aside. Crawl inside for some loot and the Ball Mold. Take this back toward the Foundry via the main doors, facing a few enemies in the dark, and interact with the casting machine to create the Iron Horse Ball. Bring the ball back to the lift and use it with the final puzzle to complete your skull collection.

Crystal Dimitrescu

After you’ve defeated Lady Dimitrescu once and for all in a long, drag-out boss fight, you will be given this treasure automatically after the cutscene.

Crystal Angie

This is your reward for beating Donna and Angie and cannot be missed.

Crystal Moreau

Once again, this is your reward for beating one of the major bosses, obviously Moreau. Survive the fight and earn this keepsake.

Crystal Heisenberg

You guessed it, just take down Heisenberg and you’ll get an easy source of cash from this treasure.

Combinable treasures

Resident Evil Village Azure Ring
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Azure Eye Ring – Azure Eye + Silver Ring

This ring is made by combining the Azure Eye and Silver ring, which are collected inside Castle Dimitrescu. To get the eye, go down into the prison area of the castle and use the Iron Insignia key to open a locked door. There is a puzzle inside where you need to shoot a flaming lantern into two others, only there isn’t one lit visible. A keen eye will notice the far wall is cracked, and a well-placed pipe bomb will blow it open and reveal a flaming brazier. Use it to light the other two and the sarcophagus containing the Azure Eye will open.

The Silver Ring is much easier to find. Head up to the second floor of the castle and pick it up inside the Hall of Pleasure.

Dimitrescu’s Necklace

To fully put this necklace together for maximum profit, you will need to make it far enough into the game to have obtained the Well Wheel item. Once you have it, use it where it makes the most logical sense: On the well behind the church. The bucket will pull up a necklace with two slots in it. The two gems you need to complete this necklace are the Pigeon Blood Ruby and the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby.

The regular Pigeon Blood Ruby is behind a building that you will need the Crank handy to reach in East Old Town. Once through, you’ll find a ladder on your right that takes you onto a roof with a chest holding the ruby inside.

The Large Pigeon Blood Ruby is way down by the river, across the draw bridge. From the dock area, go left and lower another bridge using your crank, cross, and go through the Craftsman’s Hut and into the back. Use your Water Wheel on the well to pull a ladder up and you can climb down. There’s a small puzzle here, and once solved you can complete the necklace.

Miss Madalina Doll (Head and Body)

Thankfully this doll is pretty simple to put back together. The body is lying in the small hut just right of Luthier’s House, while the head is in the well behind the Gardener’s House. Like the last treasure, you’ll need the Water Wheel to use on the well to pull the head up.

Wooden Goat (Head and Body)

Another toy you can slap together in a few steps is the goat. The body can be collected after you finish Castle Dimitrescu and explore the village. Look for the house with a tractor in front of it near the Maiden of War statue and head inside to nab it. The head, yet again demanding the Water Wheel, is just outside that same house in the well. Crank it up and you have yourself an expensive little goat.

Heisenberg’s Hammer

The final multipart treasure is built from a cylinder and shaft component. From the Engine Room in the Foundry area, head up the staircase leading to a very conspicuous X marked on it. Set an explosive and loot the cylinder part from the hidden room.

The last piece is in Heisenberg’s Quarters, meaning you’ll need his key to enter first. Once you have it, though, just walk in and grab it from the box.

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