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New Incursion, dungeons part of first paid expansion for ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’

Tom Clancy’s The Division has been supported by several free content updates since its March launch that changed gameplay mechanics in the Dark Zone and added a few raid-like “Incursion” missions. Tuesday marks the launch of Underground, the game’s first paid downloadable content, on Xbox One and PC. If you’ve been wanting more of a challenge, it might be the perfect addition.

The villains in previous The Division missions were slightly more colorful than what we’ve come to expect from a Clancy game, but the “Four Horsemen” of Underground seem like comic book characters. The launch trailer shows four  masked “cleaners,” flamethrowers in hand, silently burning the city in an attempt to destroy the virus that has already left millions dead.

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If you’ve been away from The Division for a while — with Overwatch out, we don’t blame you — Ubisoft wants Underground to be the expansion that draws you back in. In addition to “randomly generated urban dungeons” and the “Dragon’s Nest” Incursion, it adds the B.L.I.N.D., DeadEYE, FireCrest, and Reclaimer gear sets, which let you light targets on fire, improve your other skills, and increase your sniping power.

But if you don’t feel like handing over more cash, there are plenty of free changes coming with the update, as well. If you’ve reached Level 30, all enemies in the solo Free Roam mode will now be scaled to your level, and a Dark Zone bracket for players with a gear score over 230 should give the more dedicated agents a place where they can just kill each other. In addition, the ability to matchmake and fast-travel into a mission’s “no respawn” area should save groups from a headache if someone has to leave. The “AlphaBridge” gear set is also available for free, giving solo players the ability to equip all of their acquired talents.

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