The next Army Of Two game might be an Army Of Four

the next army of two game might be an fourWhat’s the four-man equivalent of a fist bump?

That’s one of the many questions Electronic Arts might have to answer in the next installment of its popular Army of Two franchise, if a new rumor proves true.

Over at Kotaku, there’s a report from an industry insider who claims that the follow-up to 2010’s Army of Two: The 40th Day will feature a four-person team instead of the usual two. The game is being developed by EA’s Montreal studio, according to the source, and is tentatively titled — you guessed it — Army of Four.

Known for its signature meathead humor and player-controlled celebrations (such as fist bumps and air-guitar riffs), Army of Two put players in charge of a two-man team of mercenaries. The game pushed players to make use of extensive co-op strategies, and allowed for some impressive team-up maneuvers in battle.

According to the latest report, EA Montreal is having some trouble expanding the two-player focus of the game to a four-man lineup, though it’s expected that the Battlefield 3 team could lend a hand now that their project is out the door.

Army of Four has yet to be officially announced, so until we hear something official, it’s wise to treat this one as an unconfirmed — though interesting — rumor.