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New Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands trailer shows off ‘Stabbomancer’ class

A new trailer for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands introduces some of the game’s character classes, environments, and combat mechanics. The Borderlands spinoff will feature several different character classes, two of which are the melee-focused Brr-Zerker and the stealthy, assassin-style Stabbomancer.

Welcome to Wonderlands #1: Stabbomancer and Brr-Zerker - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

The trailer explores some of the locales players will visit, including the desert-themed Sunfang Oasis and the sky-high Tangledrift, and provides the longest look yet at the game’s gun- and spell-based combat.

Like previous Borderlandsgames, players will be able to choose their character class at the beginning of the game. Each class has unique abilities and specialties: The Stabbomancer is faster and more stealthy than other characters, enabling them to get behind enemies and strike when their backs are turned. They can use magic to summon flying blades and are able to maneuver quickly around environments using the shadows.

On the flip side, the Brr-Zerker is a frontline class that specializes in chilly melee attacks. They’re better suited to the thick of the battle than the more fragile Stabbomancers and can use ice-based magic to freeze and break enemies.

Players will explore an entirely new world that was dreamed up by the titular Tiny Tina. While most story locales haven’t been revealed yet, the trailer takes a look at Sunfang Oasis and Tangledrift, two areas where players will be able to complete side quests and find better loot.

In the first of a series of dev diaries, Wonderlands creative director Matt Cox revealed that players will reach these locations by traveling through the Overworld, a large-scale recreation of Tina’s Bunkers and Badasses campaign. Besides containing story areas, the Overworld will provide hidden opportunities for players to find gold, loot, and side quests.

Serpent towers pose outside of Sunfang Oasis.

Melee will play a bigger role in Wonderlands than in previous Borderlands games. Cox stresses that it’s still not as important as the primary gun- and spell-based combat, but it can help get players out of tricky situations. Using melee attacks will knock enemies back, clearing more room on the battlefield and allowing players to reposition if necessary. Characters like the Brr-Zerker can specialize in melee, pouring the game’s Hero Points into melee-based traits, skills, and perks.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands releases on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC on March 25, 2022.

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